Coming from Nowhere Part 1 (a love story)

Hey guys and thanks for checking out my quiz!! Sorry that it is so cheesy in the beginning :/ part 2 will be waaaay better :D please enjoy, and happy holidays! ~KBlue

**character** James Salt-not skinny, but wide with muscle. Brown hair and eyes Chole Robb- skinny and tall. Strawberry blonde slightly curled hair and Aqua eyes Madison Washington: curly dirty blind hair, super tall (5'8) Hazel eyes. More coming B)

Created by: KBlue

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  1. You both fall off the bed, laughing so hard that there's tears in your eyes "Maddi, that HAS to be the best one of the night!" your best friend Nichole squeals. "wait are you talking about a cupholder, or a cd player?" you mimic the boy's voice that was on the other line. After you two are done laughing your guts out, "we need to call another person." Chole said." you look over at her and take your IPhone out "we can call one of my friends on Facebook, sometimes they list their numbers there." chile smiled and nodded. Springing to her feet she exclaimed "you do that, and I'll go and get us some more snacks." "okay." chole ran out of her bedroom, German Shepard Riley close behind.
  2. You smile and log into your facebook account. You scroll through your friends, until you randomly tap one. There wasn't much on the profile page, except for a picture, and his favorite music--what so happened to be your favorite. You smiled, happy to see that someone else respected your music. But when you recognize who's in the picture you grin. It's your friend James Salt with his baggy shorts, black Aeropostle shirt, DC cap on, and doing the devil horns with his left hand. His brown hair needs a trim, but hey--what's a skater with out longish hair?
  3. You immediately scroll down and scan his info for a phone number. Bursting with joy, you find it, and call to Chole "I found one Chole! Hurry up!" you can hear the distant voice of Chole Robb and her dog Riley in the kitchen start coming closer. She leaned into the doorway, and piped the question "who'd you find?" "James Salt." you reply. "this'll be fun." she says with a grin and plops next to you.
  4. You two call him. After a few rings, James picks up "Hello?" he answered. Chole grinned and in the dumbest man voice she can muster-replies "hello? You called about the toliet earlier this morning?" there was a pause "what?" he asked, utterly confused "what's your name?" he asked. Another pause " name is Harry Gingerfeild, and you clogged your Toilet this morning." you and Chole hold your noses to keep from laughing. you pipe in "yeah, when do you want us to fix it?" "on the 84th of Julumbre." you hang up and you two start laughing.
  5. So, you add James to your contacts and text him a simple ~hello~ 35 seconds later you get a reply ~hey, um who is this?~ ~oh it's me Madison~ ~how'd you get my number?~ ~Facebook~ ~ oh ok, why are you up so late?~ you look at the little clock in the corner of your screen and text back ~it's only 1 am~ ~lol I guess you can say that :)~
  6. **a personality for James Salt** _loves Xbox _loves drinking Monsters _a skater _has a crush on every girl In the class _brown hair, brown eyes _sweet when caught on his good side _a flirt _sometimes forgets homework _the janitor's son :p
  7. You and Chole stay up until 3AM watching one of your all time favorites--Aquamarine. She really thought the Ramon dude was cute, and something very weird--she could recite ALL of his lines. Well, you two eventually go to sleep, curled up on her bright pink bed. You couldn't seen to be able to stop thinking about James Salt. You kept thinking 'we're only friends..and that's as far as it'll go.' you kept thinking of that until you drifted off into a deep sleep.
  8. **two days later** Your alarm goes off, and you wake up groggily. You manage to open the back door for your miniature poodle-Charlie-to so his business. You straighten your brown hair and get dressed. What do you wear?
  9. You get dressed, grab your black camo backpack, and rush out of the door to your mom's car. Since your not 16 yet, she has to drive you to school. She drops you off right in time for you to run to your locker, and have time to spare. As your putting your books up you hear someone say your name, you turn your head and see James. You smile a friendly smile and wave. He smiles and waves back, approaching you. You go back to putting your hooks up, and he leans against the locker next to you. "hey how come you didn't text me on Sunday?" he asked. "oh I had volleyball practice, didn't have time to text." the bell rings and he starts walking away "text me when you get home ok?" "okay!" you reply, grabbing the bolls you need. Not only is your homework not completed, you are now late for class.
  10. Cliffhanger. Please rate and comment! I'm sorry that this quiz was so short :( kinda in a rush..2nd part will be better :)

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