Supernatural Love: part 2

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Madison's back thanks to all of your positive comments! This time around, we're scratching the surface of this mystery... The supernatural is coming true before your eyes, and will as we go on..

in the spotlight: Arson-Doulai according to this story, Markus is Arson-Doulai, son of Hades. He rules the underworld, and a couple of very powerful, scary creatures, one known as an Abassy. Watch out for this guy, he hungers for your SOUL. (my story is a mixture of the supernatural. Arson-Doulai is a character from ancient Yakut people myth, and Hades is Greek. Please no harsh comments on that topic, thankyou!)

Created by: krdffdpfan
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  1. Oky so we were at.. You open your eyes and see... alrighty?
  2. I see sky blue walls towering into the shape of the room, creamy carpet is spread out cross the floor, blue curtians drape over a two-paned window to your right, A bookshelf towers at the wall t the foot of the blue bed, and a chair right on the left.
  3. I jumped when I saw Vampire-guy in the chair. "wh-who are you?" I asked shakiy he smiled, "Joseph, but call me Joe." Okay, Vampire-guy is Joseph, but what is he? "Umm.. not to be rude or anything.." he looked at me with those magical dull , purple eyes "wh-why were you guys fighting Markus, nd are you an-um, uhh.." "a Vampire?" he asked smiling, showing his perly white fangs. "mhmmm." "why, yes, the most dngerous blood sucker you'll meet." he chuckled, and I couldn't help from smiling. "About Markus..." he continued "well, Markus isn't.." he pondered "how can I put this...? Exactly human.."
  4. "His real name is Arson-Doulai, and controls, and rules the underworld." My eyes went wide "really?" he nodded "and he's out to kill you." "well, I could expect that from the ruler of the underworld." I chuckled. "but doesn't Hades rule the underworld.?" I asked. Joe st there. What I always noticed about guys talking to me, tht they always did something with their lips. They either sucked on their lip., bit their lip, licked their lips, or did the Smolder like the guy from Tangled. (watching it now with little sis xD she's 4) Joseph was a lip sucker. "he DiD..." Joe said sadly. "Arson-Doulai was Hades son, and over-ran him. Hades kept the balance, and his evil creatures from going into the mortal world, but Arson-Doulai is making things worse." It was as if Hades was a personal friend of Joe. "did you, umm, know him?" I asked. "not personally, but he created us Vampires, and other evil, cursed things."
  5. "you're not evil.." I said quietly. "you wouldn't know an Abassy if it even bit you." I didn't know what the heck that was. I was about to ask but wolf-boy opened the door and barked "I was told to get Maddi." I sat up, noticing th clothes I had on weren't on me. In their place, I had a huge green shirt,I was guessing that it was one of the guys, and my brown shorts. "Mddi." Joe said "This is Aaron, the dog of the house." I smiled nd laughed, but stopped seeing that Aaron wasn't laughing.
  6. I kept smiling, and finally locked eyes with Aaron. I felt his wild spirit flowing between us. His eyes were soft, and anger hid behind. I was about to say something when Aaron shouted "You can get Victor and Joesph to like you, but you'll never get me to! This is real! Don't expect me to F---in' fall in love with you!" he stormed away.
  7. "what's his problem?" I asked "well, part of it is his werewolf personality, and he has had hard times with girls." "ahh... I see..." I nodded and got out of bed. I didn't know how weak, and sore I was. I felt myself toppling over, and Joe catching me.
  8. "oof! " you grunt when you hit his hard muscle "you okay?" Joe asked. I nodded and didnt squirm from his grip. "you hungry?" he asked, and of course, I nodded. He helped me down the stairs (which had a bunch of pictures) nd into the dining room. He st me down on a wooden chair next to Aaron. Suprizingly, Aaron didn't budge, he must have been consentrting on the book in his hands. "Mornin' Sunshine!" Blondie sid from the stove. "oh, I almost forgot about Victor." "Maddi, this is Victor, he's kinda the housemaid." Victor smiled, with those amazing yellow/green eyes. "Yup, it's what I get for being a Domovik!" he snickered
  9. Victor got to cooking, and Joe sat down next to me. Joe smiled at me, and I smiled back. he leaned into me and..
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