Supernatural Love Part:1

Supernatural love, huh? It's hard to believe, but the supernatural is out there. It has been mentioned ever since stone times, nd we still ponder to see if it is trure. Join Madison on her quest, finding love, enemies, losing friends, and possibly, finding if the supernatural is truly real.

This is my first story-quiz, please comment with your true opionon, I would like to improve. well, I hope you enjoy, and take my future quizzes!

Created by: krdffdpfan
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  1. "Turn your books to page 116, and work the problems." my old, grumbly, Math tacher commands. His voice is crackly from age. my friends, and I call him 'Old enough to know Adam and Eve' I almost growl something rude, and un-lady-like (like usual)but see the clock. I smile seeing the black hands at the 2 and the 12. My hand shot up, and immediatley, old math teacher called on me. I asked to use the restroom, and he excused me. I got up quick, and left the classroom. See, I wasn't headed for the bathroom, I was headed for the west wing of our Highschool: Claverage. My boyfriend Markus wanted to show me something. Everywhere you looked, a feirce tiger burned through you with lava-like amber eyes. Looking at it just gave me the chills!
  2. As I headed for the West wing, I passed orange and black lockers, and offices, wondering where everyone was. I shrugged and forgot about it. Suddenly, I felt someone pressing against my back, and wrapping their muscled arms around my waist. "give me love and affection, and no one gets hurt." he said sarcastically. "Does a kiss count?" I said the same way as he. "I guess.." I turned so I faced him, and kissed him passionatley. "So..?" I asked, pulling back "what did you want to show me Markus?" Markus pinned me against the orange and black lockers. That's when my heart started beating faster. I smelt the booze on his breath.
  3. "M-Markus?" He had an evil and dark look in his eyes. I closed my eyes tight and herd something *click* like a gun. "I'm more than what you think Maddi." I was shaking, and felt the cold metal from the hand gun run up my side, and rest on my chest. "Good bye maddi, sweet dreams." he cackled.
  4. Suddenly, Markus's hand jerked away. "let her go Markus." I opened my eyes to see three hevily muscled boys. The one on the right had soft brown eyes, and bleach blonde hair. The one in the middle had purply black hair, and dull purple eyes. The boy on the left had bright, yellow/green eyes, and blonde hair. Markus chuckled darkly "well, well, well.. look who finally decided to drop in, the 3 oddballs." The blondie with green eyes growled "Just shut the F---- up Markus and let her go."
  5. It was all a blur. The boys started fighting, Markus making the first move. I noticed one had exceptionatley long, white, fangs protruding fom his mouth. I gasped and collapsed when Markus kicked my side. could it be? No, it could not be. That boy couldn't be a Vampire. Markus kicked me, and I of course scremed. The blondie with brown eyes growled, and right before my eyes, became a wolf!
  6. the other blondie's eyes started to glow yellow, and he shouted something to wolf-boy. Vampire-guy ran over to the lockers, picked me up, and started mumbling to me, "dont worry, you're fine, don't worry, you're safe, I'll protect you." I blacked out, tasting, and seeing my blood on my face.
  7. You dreamed about the three boys. Why were they fighting Markus? And how ws Markus so strong, nd why were those guys fighting him? I blinked awake, expecting all of that to be a dream, and wake up in my bed, I gasped seeing...
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