Supernatural love (a love story)

Who is the right supernatural for you? Jack? Sixtus? Sal? I hope you enjoy my quiz, and sorry for the uber-long questions. I'll get right on to part two.

Do you like supernaturals? Hot boys? Vampires? Shades? Shape-changers? Werewolves? Then this is the quiz for you... And let's face it. Who doesn't like hot boys? Huh?

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  1. You groan, you have to replace all the lightbulbs in your creepy ancient basement AGAIN, you walk down the stairs, you feel as if you can sense something watching you, you shake your head, thinking is was just that Zombie movie you were watching before you were so rudely interrupted with chores, and continue into the dark, as you head towards the burnt out lightbulb, you feel hot breath on your neck. You stop suddenly, and twist around, a shadow jumps on behind you, you turn again, and see red lips, too red, accompanied by a strong jaw, bright blue eyes with a thin red ring around the irises, and black hair...
  2. "Hello {*insert name here*}" Says the intruder, his voice is deep and musical, a bead of sweat rolls down your neck, "Who the 'ell are you? And WHAT are you doing in my basement?!" You hiss, "Haha, someone's feisty. I'm Jack, and you're asleep." "Creep! Get out of my h-" And you pass out.
  3. You wake up. You think the figure hovering above you is Jack, but your vision's fuzzy, "Oh crap! Are you Ok?- I knew this wasn't a good idea!" Yep. Definitely Jack, you can tell by the beautiful-uh, I mean crazy- voice, you try to stand up, and he guides you over to a black motorbike, you realize your by a highway, with some thought, you agree to riding the motorbike, what choice do you have? You left your phone at home.
  4. After 15 minutes of riding behind Jack on his motorcycle... He pulls into a dirt road, and comes up to a cottage in a forested area, in front of the cottage is a shirtless guy trying to balance an orange on his nose, he has curly brown hair, rock hard abs, and neon green eyes, and a guy reading a book, with jet black hair full of colourful streaks, lean muscle, and yellow eyes. The brown-hair-ed guy looks up at you and the orange falls off his nose "Whoa." "Nobody told me she was that pretty, otherwise I would have gotten her!" "Hello to you too, ..." "Er Sixtus." You can't help a giggle as he winks at you, even though you know this is NOT the time for giggling, "Hey! She technically MY captive!" Says Jack with a chuckle, "I'll introduce myself now, I'm Sal, M'lady." He kisses your hand, and you look at him quizzically, he apologizes hastily and you laugh. "NOW MORE TO THE POINT!" You say, clearly getting their attention, "Somebody better tell me where the 'ell I am or I'll call the cops, just watch me!"
  5. "Huh? How about that explanation, boys?" "Er... Well." Says Sixtus. "I'll take this one S," Says Jack, "Ever heard of... Vampires?" "Seriously? Fail." "I'm being serious. See?" He flashes he fangs and your heart does a little flutter, "That's me. I doubt you've heard of Shades... But that's Sal. And Sixtus is a shape-changer. You're probably wondering what YOU'RE doing here and well... We've discovered, you're a werewolf, but you could be Changed. It's our job to recruit new Supernaturals.... And, yeah..."
  6. Pause Story. What creature mentioned would you most want to be?
  7. Jack escorts you to a plainly decorated room, you lay down on the bed and stare at the ceiling, to tired to move, you hear footsteps outside your bedroom, and suddenly, Sixtus is beside your bed, you sit up, and he sits down awkwardly, to your disappointment, he put on a shirt. You're too tired to think, so you lean against his arm. He kisses the top of your head, and without thinking {remember you're too tired to think!} he brush your lips against his mouth.
  8. And then, Jack slams open the door, "Am I interrupting anything?!" He says with unconcealed venom, "Kinda!" Says Sixtus, "Uh, no." You say wearily. "It's time for dinner."
  9. Dinner is short (which is in a completely normal looking kitchen). You notice Sal walk into the kitchen to make desert, hoping to steal some cookies or something, you follow. "Hi," Says Sal, stirring some chocolate batter, "Come to raid the kitchen?" He asks, "Er, Noooo..." He laughs, and you take a spoon out of a cabinet, you stick the spoon into the chocolate and try to eat it, but Sal steals it, and you make a face at him, unexpected-ly, he kisses you... You lean against the counter and kiss him back.
  10. Pulling away, you quietly steal a spoonful of chocolate batter, and walk back outside, you feel Jack appearing unnoticed by your shoulder, his lips nearly touching your cheek, "Hi. I know we got off to a rough start... But why don't we try this again?" "Oh don't tell me! You're going to kidnap me AGAIN!" He laughs, and kisses you on the lips.
  11. Haha! CLIFFHANGER!

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