Welcome to the Gotoquiz nominations, category Supernatural Love Story. Why a nomination? Cause gtq has unbelievable talent and i noticed a few so i made this. Yay, this for fun and officially copyrighted. So no stealing the idea

Are you one of the nominees? Hmm... Do you like the nominees you shall vote for your favorite nominations. Have fun enjoy and if you dont know some of the series just check them out cause they are all fantastic.

Created by: angelic4
  1. Ello ladies and gents welcome to the gtq grammys nominations. I'm angelic4 your host today, I had a lot to choose from, trust me, i hand picked 4 due to complications i had 6. Let us begin enjoy:
  2. 1st nomination: Beautiful Secrets Series by Dannica *claps* "So many people have given up on me, walked out of my life without an explanation-without a goddbye. I dont want you to be one of those people." Alex stopped dancing and looked me straight in the eyes. I was right: the black v-neck really did make his eyes shine. Possibly greater than the stars. "Cross my heart i wont. I wouldn't even think of it." I smile fainlty and heard Alex's voice in my head saying 'I think this is the part where i kiss you'
  3. 2nd Nominee Paranormal Love Story by Firey_Soul *claps*. Bryan tries to poke you again, but you grab both of his wrists above his head. He could have easily resisted but he didn't. You and Bryan lock eyes, Bryan smiles. "Moiving a little fast aren't we?" he asks raising an eyebrow. You realize your on top of him......
  4. woo people we are on a roll is it just getting hotter in here or is just the series. Yes I have the dry jokes like an grammy thing. 3rd nominee: Don't Leave Me Hanging by xxblutixx. He kisses you on your lips, and you blush as the heart's colors shift to red and pink tones "I hate leaving, but i have to, see you around _______" he whispers in your ear....
  5. 4th nominee: The Life between Magic&Boys by The RecklessBam *claps*. Your favorite dance song comes on and you definitely cant resist the temptation now. You start dancing like crazy letting loose. You feel a shot of adrenaline shoot through your whole body. You continue to dance and then your eyes get blinded by a bright light. The spotlight is on you.......
  6. My last nominee as a surprise, thought i had only 4 in your face xD. Nominee number 5 *claps* The Unforgiven and Unforgotten by Cometlight. Drake then gently grasped my hand and entwined my finger with his, my palm against his palm, the same feeling from before flooded my entire body with warmth yet i shivered at the same time. I turned my body to face Drake and he brushed a lock of my hair behind my ear with his free hand. He gently touched my cheek with his fingertips and i felt a large amount of energy surge through me. He slowly leaned in.......
  7. Wohoo give a large hand of applause to our nominees *claps* Dannica, her series just say that's Dannica for sure noone wirtes like her, Firey_Soul, make you say she's on FIRE! I just felt her series burn in my soul xD, xxblutixx her series just makes you think dude dont leave me hanging what happens next, she leaves you hanging with suspenful cliffhangers man, TheRecklessBam, it's like her series BAM! That didn't just happen noway, no freakin way pass the popcorn xD, Cometlight's series makes you think Can the guys just be real cause your guys are smokin, it's like they were struck down by a comet of light to make them sexy as .... Lol
  8. Honestly this was quite difficult, all those categories, i'm proud to have gotten 3 wonderful ppl, Viola_lover, PersonXD, DaughterofApollo we are the M'S (me: hehe see what i did there). It was difficult choice to pick from other series, cause you all must know there are so many supernatural series out there, and it hurt not putting others cause i read every single series. Please know those with Supernatural series i did consider you, and i asked people of gtq what where their favorite series and they gave me answers. So vote (details on voting in results)
  9. Thank you for joining me in on Supernatural Love Series stay tuned. For the official Gotoquiz Grammys. Our email gtq.grammys @ gmail .com (no spaces)
  10. Goodbye gtquers

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