A Supernatural Love

There is love out there and then there is Supernatural Love.This story is about you falling in love with a werewolf, vampire, elf, or an angle.So I hope you like it!

*MUST READ!*This is you what you look like!You have long wavy hair that flows down to the middle of your back.You have beautiful hazel eyes,a killer smile, and you are about 5'7". You have a tan and could be a possible model.

Created by: Inuyashafan1995
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  1. "I'm free!" you say to your best friend Sara. "I know! Summer is finally here!" Sara says. "So are you going to that midnight party at Drake's?" "No" you say "My mom will never let me go." "Why don't you sneak out?" asks Sara. "OK, I'll meet you at the corner." "OK see you later ____!" "Later!" you say waving bye to Sara.
  2. (11:50 P.M.)*Where is Sara?!* you think *She is 10 minuets late!Where is she!* Then out of the blue you see a car coming.Your hoping that it is Sara.The car slows and stops right beside you.The window rolls down and it's...
  3. It's Sara."Where have you been!" you yell."I'm sorry my parents didn't go to bed until 11:30!""OK I forgive you but you owe me!Now lets go to the party!"
  4. When you get to the party what are you wearing?
  5. Wearing whatever you chose to wear,you get out of the car and walk to the front door.You was just about to knock when the door suddenly opens.On the other side of the door you see your best friend Drake smiling at you.He has black spiky hair,green eyes that could see right through you,he is about 6'5",pale, and has an average build.
  6. "Hey ____, haven't seen you in a while."Drake says leaning against the door frame."Ya"you say,"been busy with stupid school and stuff.Are you going to let us in?"Drake smiles and opens the door wider.You took three steps into the house when you heard a big crash coming from the kitchen.Then something hit you hard in the back of the head and you black out.
  7. You wake up in this beautiful white room. You hear foot steps coming from behind you door then.......... CLIFFHANGER!!
  8. This is my first quiz so tell me how I did!*No effect*
  9. Oh! Please read the top!
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