A Supernatural Love part 2

You asked for it and here it is! A supernatural love story part 2! Wanna know what it is about, well you'll have to find out for yourself. So check this out if you liked the first!

Sorry this took so long, I didn't know what people thought about the first one. So I decided to wait a while to see what people thought. But thanks to the awesome comments that I received I decided to go ahead and make a second one. This one!

Created by: inuyashafan1995
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  1. *Recap* You wake up in a white room, you hear foot steps on the other side of the door and then...
  2. Drake walks in! You are so relieved that you jump out of bed but get dizzy and start to fall.
  3. You feel a pair of arms catch you and put you back in the bed. You open your eyes and see Drake and three other boys standing in your room.
  4. Drake sees you look at the other guys and says,"That's Kane(brown eyes),Nick(blue eyes),and Jake(hazel eyes)." You say,"Hi." Kane nods his head, Nick sheepishly says hi back,Jake says,"Hello, gorgeous" and then winks.
  5. You blush a little bit and than your stomach starts to growl. The guys heard it and started to laugh. Drake said,"Lets all go down stairs and get something to eat." The all guys walk out of the room but Nick. You ask Nick where the bathroom was because you wanted to take a shower. Nick replied,"It's down the hall to the left."He blushed and than walked out. You get out of bed and look int the dresser that is on the side of the room and find that all of your cloths are in there. You take...
  6. You take what ever you chose and walked to the bathroom and took a shower. Once you got dressed you walked down stairs and realized that you were in a mansion. You got lost looking for the kitchen and accidentally walked into the library. You see Jake sitting at a huge wooden desk with a book in his hands. He looks up and sees you. He puts the book down and asks,"____ what are you doing her?" You reply,"I got lost trying to find the kitchen." Jake smiles and says, "I'll be your escort." You take his arm and you two walk to the kitchen.
  7. You see Nick cooking at the stove (he blushes when he sees you),Kane is sitting at the table eating his breakfast (he looks up at you and nods in a greeting), and Drake sitting on a stool by the island sipping what you think is wine and says,"Good morning ____, care for some breakfast?" You nod and about to ask Nick for some...
  8. Before you can say whatever you wanted he hands it to you. You finish it and start to ask whoever you are sitting next too about why you are here and what happened at the party. Again before you ask Nick says,"At the party you were being attacked by a Heishi."
  9. "Whats a Heishi?" you ask. Kane gets up from the table(unless you are sitting by him) and walks over to you. He looks into your eyes and says,"Heishis are the most dangerous creature on the planet. Nobody knows where it came from, but we do know that the Heishis have no common sense. You see, Heishis fallow a master. The master has to be very powerful to control a Heishi."
  10. "Than who was controlling that Heishi?" Kane looks at the floor and says,"We don't know." "How can you not know!" you yell. All of a sudden the pots, pans, and all the other appliances started to shake. Jake calmly walks to you and tells you to calm down.*How can I calm down!* you think. Than you look Nick strait into his eyes and start to feel calmer. The all the appliances started to shake less and than they stopped.
  11. You ask,"What was that?" Drake says....CLIFFHANGER!!!!
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