A supernatural love story part 2

So I'll be putting the guys descriptions in the paragraph below. This is part two of a supernatural love story. You've met all four guys now. Hope you like it!

Zachary: short-medium brown hair, emerald green eyes and a six pack and muscularHe's really sweet and kind. Adrian: gorgeous red hair spikey, hazel eyes, six pack and muscular, and hot temper but loving. Blake: dirty blond medium short hair, light chocolate brown eyes, six pack and muscular, caring and funny. Tyler: short black hair, icy blue eyes, pretty muscular but slimmer than the others, and shy, mysterious quiet.

Created by: Tigerluvvvver
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  1. So after second period and talking to Blake, you run to third period. There yu see yet, another new guy. You sit by him because he looks unhappy. You introduce yourself by saying,
  2. Tyler just stares at you. Not lovingly, a bored, blank expression on his face. You can't help but notice his icy eyes. You find yourself staring. So you look away and blush. You get on with class without talking.
  3. So class ends and you are on your way to lunch when you get a text from Zach. He tells you what table he's sitting at and to meet him there. You say yes. You see him sitting next to Blake, Adrian, and Tyler! You sit next to,
  4. So you sit next to whoever you choose. You talk about random stuff with the guys. But they are studying you in a way,
  5. Then, all the guys exchange glances. And everything goes black as you feel something really hard hit your head.
  6. You wake up in your dream room. It looks like...
  7. You hear people yelling from downstairs, it's the guys. Tyler" we shouldn't have even met her! She doesn't have any powers yet!" Adrian" so what!? She deserves to know! Shell get them soon anyways! " his eyes are starting to turn red. Then, Zachary says" shhhhh! We'll wake her up you idiots! Blake and I will go check on her. C'mon Blake!" you fake being asleep,
  8. "we know your awake_____" says Blake as the two of them walk in. You say,
  9. " umm what were you guys talking about downthere?" you ask. They exchange glances, " we can talk about this over dinner" Zach says. You think about this and agree. You start heading downstairs.
  10. Well I know this question bugs some people, but comment and rate please?

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