hello there:3 part 1

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so this is my first quiz you can probably tell because of how stupid the name looks and how badly written this quiz is no negative stuff cuz it will make me sad:(

you wake up in the middle of a deserted road with bad injures where youd expect know one to be there?but your proven wrong when you find yourself seeing 2 things appear outta the know where. whats going on is what youll be asking yourself. this series evolves love mystery Adrenalin and supernatural.

Created by: darkside965

  1. your mind felt hazy,you could feel the raindrops hit your face and slowly run off.you were laying on a road that seemed as if it had no ending, and the trees seemed to be moving along with the sway of the wind. you open your eyes and everything looked blurry.you turn around to face the sky, the clouds where grey and the rain felt gentle. you try to stand up but a sharp pain comes vibrating from your leg.you look down and see a puddle of blood mixed with mud around your calf.
  2. you slowly drag yourself over to a puddle and look at your reflection.you froze in disbelief at what you were seeing.your eyes shimmered grey and then to your regular eye color neon green.your head was dripping blood and your shirt was full of it.as if someone had bashed your head against a brick wall.Then you feel something, there was a negative energy in the air that sent chills up your sine,it felt like someone was watching you...
  3. you look at the puddle and see a shadow right behind you.you turn around and it was gone.confused at what you just saw you turn around and splash your face with water."i must be seeing things"then you feel that presence again but this time it feels relaxing and peaceful.you look up and see a guy.
  4. the guy had shaggy dirty blond hair his eyes where an aqua blue color.his skin glowed a slightly tan color as if he'd been in the sun to long.and his lips looked smooth with a baby pink color.he notice your gaze and smiled, a smile that made your heart sink down to your guts. "well look at you"he said in a voice as smooth as his lips.he extended his hand towards you to help you up.you reach out to grab it when everything goes pitch black and your body feels lite.your body falls unconscious.
  5. *** you hear foot steps splashing on water.you look up and see the guy carrying you in his arms.his shaggy hair was damp and he was freezing.your lips tremble as manage to force the word"who are you?" he stopped running and looked down at you.he smiled that smile again and said"hey, im jake" he looks back up and resumes running....*i wonder where hes going, whatever im to weak to complain.*you crunch up next to his chest.you fall asleep to the rhythm of his heart beat.and let him take you.
  6. sooo i didnt no how to turn the ending into a cliff hanger so i just put it like that stay tuned for the next part.it'll get better i swear! stay tuned:P
  7. *12 questions suck!
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