2:16 in the Morning p.7

Part 7! I'm sorry but from now on the quizzes will be 14-18 questions. This part is very intense and I hope that you enjoy it very much. Stay tuned for part 8!

Zach, Matt, Dylan, Connor, Jordan. Find out who you like and who the new guys are in this part with some surprising and shocking twists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: chaz55

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  1. You fall on top of Zach. His hands and mouth are covered by rope. You untie his, Connor and Jordan's. Then you realize Andrew isn't there. "Where's Andrew?" "Ecccch. Don't mention that name ever again." "What did he do?" "Right after Andrew yelled out you ran through the back door to catch a plane with Matt where they would later meet Dr. Richards at their hideout.
  2. You hear a voice from behind the door. It's Matt. "Listen, I'm jumping out of the plane and since you all are trapped in that room and there are no more parachutes ... Good luck.
  3. You hear the door of the plane open and then closes from the wind. "Oh yeah, by the way, Andrew and Dr. Richards are broth..." "How are you not worried?" you start freaking out. "Connor knows how to fly a plane." "Uhh, Zach. I hate to burst your balloon but it's a full moon.
  4. His clothes ripped as his eyes crawled to the back of his head. He grew a foot or 2 and started howling.
  5. "is it time to freak out, Zach?" you asked. "Umm, no, umm, everything is, umm, under control." he answered unsurely. "Calm yourself, Connor." Jordan told Connor. "Lock him in the room. I'm sure I can fly the plane." said Zach.
  6. You and Jordan followed Zach to the pilots room and he just sat there. "Maybe I can control the plane with my telekinesis.
  7. The next day: you landed the plane, but not too smoothly. You broke your arm, Jordan broke his legs, Connor broke his leg and arm. As for Zach got a terrible eye injury.
  8. Terrible news: Jordan's ok
  9. Connor's ok!
  10. But sadly, Zach really did injure his eyesight and cannot see anymore.
  11. The doorbell rings. You go to answer it. As you open the door you're shocked to see Roger at the door.

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