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Hey guys, this is PersonXD! As you can guess from the title this a nomination quiz, I will go through several categories, each with several choices. The categories are: Most Dedicated Author and Longest Series. There are six choices for each of the categories in the title. Please don't be upset if your quiz isn't here, you can still be a part of this. Please take each quiz on here and vote! Send your votes to: gtq. grammys @Gmail .com (NO SPACES).

Watch the comments for information about when the winners will be announced, or just watch the new quiz list. I hope you vote for your favorite quiz, and wish all of the nominations the best of luck! Please remember to send your votes to: gtq. grammys @Gmail .com (NO SPACES). Read on!!!! :D

Created by: PersonXD

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  1. These first six are for the MOST DEDICATED AUTHOR!
  2. First is NATUHLEEGAYLE! She is the writer of three popular quiz series, the most popular being Hogwarts Love Story. She has also written Life in the Huger Games, and One Direction Love Story. She has many contests, and tries her best to meet all of the deadlines she says she will. She also takes time to find a song for most of her quizzes. She is an incredibly nice person and is a dedicated author.
  3. Second we have DANNICA! Dannica has written many popular quiz series including: Somebody Special, Beautiful Lies, Beautiful Endings, Beautiful Secrets, and Confinement. She is a lovely author and person.
  4. Thirdly is 54PACKERS! Packers has written First Kisses come in Seventh Grade, Flirting Game, Online Love, and He Called Me Dude. I suggest you check these out.
  5. Next is SINGIN234! Singin has somewhere close to 30 quizzes; she also has put out 117 quizzes. Not only has she put out many quizzes but she puts them out quickly. Go check out her profile, and be amazed.
  6. Fifth is CALYPSO1315! She has a Percy Jackson Love Story quizzes, and I must say they are great! I have never actually read Percy Jackson, but I do enjoy these. I also have to point out she is the only Percy Jackson series writer I have found that has continued her stories, so she is on here. She also has a series called Don't You Hate High School?. These are well written and she has continued them, so go look for yourselves!
  7. Lastly is HOGWARTSLOVE! She has put out a successful Hogwarts Love story, and is a fantastic writer! She has several parts out and she is an awesome person! Anyways go check her out, and vote for someone!
  8. The next six are LONGEST QUIZ! **In order to be eligible you have to have at least 30 parts**
  9. First COMPLICATED DIFFERENCE by pixystixlove94 (46 parts)!
  10. Second PARANORMAL LOVE by Firey_Soul (43 parts)!
  11. Thirdly DON'T LEAVE ME HANGING by xxblutixx (36 parts)!
  12. Fourth is WHICH WILL FALL FOR YOU by xxdarkxx (39 parts, this series was stopped unfinished, as far as I know)!
  13. Fifth is TEENAGE CHRONICLE by TheRecklessBam (33 parts)!
  14. Lastly MAGIC AND BOYS by fireprincess1996 (36 parts)!
  15. That's all for now, please go take all of these quizzes or just look at them and send in your votes to: gtq. grammys @Gmail .com (NO SPACES). Please address the subject as which category your vote is for. Thank you and watch for the winners! Also watch the comments for rules about voting.

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