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Created by: _violalover_
  1. Welcome to the Gotoquiz Grammys! Below this I will tell you the nominations that our team of quiz takers have selected. The people who helped on this project are Angelic4 (It was her idea), DaughterOfApollo (She told off the pesky forum spammers), and PersonXD(Wasn't always there, but supported it and got her nomination quiz done). We had plenty of nominations, but we think these are the ones that really shone! An excerpt will be given from each one, but just from the first quiz to prevent spoilers. Please vote in the comments about which is your favorite, and we'll release the winning quizzes when we've filled all of our catagories. Thanks!
  2. Our first one us is the quiz series UnNoticed, UnForgotten, and UnWanted by xX3moAng3lXx! These quizzes are told from the main character's point of view, Erica. While the questions may have been a little short, they were plentiful and full of suspense. Excerpt of UnNoticed: Once we finally got to school, I noticed there was a different car in the lot that I've never seen before. I faintly heard the sound of music coming from the tinted windows of the Sedan. It was a guy who was in the car, I could tell that much. Danni, Kenna and I got out of the car and waited for the rest of our crew to show up. Ashley Gonzales, Bonnie Elyssa, Schelby Corley, Anthony Heath, Jason Rodriguez, Trevor Grayland, and Laura Benzeal mad up our crew, not including Danni, Kenna and myself. Ashley, Anthony, and Trevor showed up about two minutes afterwards, and they too noticed the new car. The rest of our friends showed up and all got in a very important chat about shoes when the mysterious Sedan boy came out of his hiding place.
  3. The next quiz up is LA Summer Love Story by AdiBabyy. This series gave each boy an equal amount of time in the spot light, a very hard thing to accomplish! Excerpt: After Adam leaves, you take a walk on the beach. You see Jayson, smoking again, so you walk the other direction. He sees you and runs up to you and says "Are you avoiding me?" As you start to walk off, he trashes his cigarette, and catches up with you. "Wait..." he says, "I think you're pretty." He looks into your eyes, and leans into kiss you. The next day, you're watching a movie in your aunt's living room when the doorbell rings...
  4. Another great quiz is Online Love by 54Packers! This quiz as a really origonal storyline, and I think it has yet to be copied! Excerpt: June 22, Thursday 2:09 AM [uh what? Friend request? Seventeen minutes ago, hm, I must've dozed off] *clicks on it* [Alex Green? Who's that? Eh, some random jerk, forget it] Messages: 1 Alex Green [That guy again, what does he want?] Alex Message: Hey, wanna be my friend? [What the- Ugh, just ignore it] Four minutes later. Messages: 1 Alex. [Ugh, what does he want??] Alex Message: Do you want to be friends? [Ok, I am messaging him back] 'Alex' Message: Do I know you? Alex Message: Nope, but you do now. :) Do you want to be friends? *Six minutes later* 'Alex' Message: Um, who are you? Alex Message: Just a lonely soul in this dark room with a cat that needs a texting buddy. Would you be so kind to be one? *Nine minutes later* 'Alex' Message: ... How do you know my name? Alex Message: I just typed in my name and switched the last two letters of my last name,entered and YOU were the chosen one :) ~... and that is how it started, with just one message... something develops...~
  5. Also by 54Packers is First Kisses Come in 7th Grade. This was an amazing quiz, truly capturing the emotions of a girl in the sixth grade/the start of middle school. Excerpt: Two whole weeks passed without an air conditioner. You were bored and hot. You go outside and sit on the porch steps just staring at the empty street. Your four little brothers were romping around in the basement. The newspaper guy was coming. He stopped his bike and this time, he stuck the paper roll into the mailbox. "HI!" you randomly shout. He mounts his bike again, but you can see his eyes kinda slide sideways at you. He doesn't turn his head or his upper body, just his eyes. And as he goes, you remember the color gray. For the next few weeks, that's what you do. You sit on the steps in the morning on Sunday and you randomly shout "HI!" at him. Sometimes his eyes slide, a lot of times, he just goes on about his job. You get frustrated and mumble to yourself,"How rude!" And then one day you didn't come out on Sunday morning. You look out the window from upstairs and watch the newspaper boy ride his bike up your street. He stops at your mailbox, drops in the paper and looks around. He stays there a minute longer like he was waiting for something. And then he takes out a pad of post-it notes and scribbles down something. He walks up to the front door and the rest you can't see until he comes back out onto his bike. As soon as he disappears, you rush downstairs and yank the door open. On it was a post-it note and it said in bold sharpy pen, HI.
  6. This quiz is a little extreame in the sense of reality, but considering it had no magic in it I'll take it! The title is Somehow I'm Alive, by Topaz. I deeply enjoyed reading this, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. For a change the point of view switches between the two main characters-Ryan and Jaslina. Anyone who is looking for a change in their reading should check this out! Excerpt: "Ok, we're here!" shouts Saphire. I still can't help but roll my eyes at my mom's idea of code talk. Mom and I come out of our hiding place from among the trees and the shadows. "Saphire, there's no need to yell. I know we're here," says Jaslina with forced politeness. "Yeah, I know that you know. There are others that I need to let know." Jaslina is obviously confused. "Wait. What?" I cast all of my other feelings aside. Anything that I feel that doesn't want to kidnap this girl I throw into the deepest pits of my hidden emotins. Taking a deep breathe, I do what I must do. I charge up to Jaslina and throw her over my shoulder. Mrs.Rowe turns paler than I thought possible, but she still grabs her daughter's hand and does her best to keep her grip. I want to release Jalina right then and tell her to run for her life and get to the police station.
  7. Finally, we have Middle School Love Story also by Rockstar123. This quiz is just an overall great story. Excerpt: Ok, after class you hurry to lunch at detention. D: Luckily, you found your way there. You wonder why Doug was staring at you. It seemed like he already knew you from before. "Deep in thought, right?" you heard some one say. You jumped cuz you are startled. You see that Jake 's behind you chuckling. You blush and say, "What do we do at lunch detention?" He looks into your eyes and you wish he was yours. His eyes are beautiful. "Well, we just eat and do work. We aren't really allowed to talk but no one really catches us",Jake replies. "Well, lunch detention isn't THAT bad!"you say. Jake smiles and nods. Once again, he stares into your eyes. You just melt inside. "________, you are so beautiful. I know we just met but I love you." Jake whispers. He leans in oh so close when the door blew open.
  8. You guys have no idea how hard it was just to pick these few, there are so many good ones out there! Thanks for everyone who puts so much work into their stories! =)
  9. To vote, email us at gtq(.)grammys(@)gmail(.)com If you can't email us, leave a comment and let us know you can't; I guess we'll see what we can do for you.
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