Your GoToQuiz report card

This quiz will tell you how good your attendance, quizzes, and gotoquiz knowledge. I hope you like it and take my other quizzes too, What are your special dating traits.

Sorry if this quiz is kinda inaccurate or boring, um, I didn't really have too much to put down and drifted off. But I just couldn't leave it unfinished. So yeah.

Created by: random person
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many quizzes have you made on gotquiz?
  2. How many quizzes do you think you have taken?
  3. How often do you comment on other people's quizzes?
  4. How much do you rate?
  5. How often are you on gotoquiz?
  6. How many status levels are there?
  7. What is the first level on gotoquiz?
  8. Do you visit Top 40s?
  9. Do you visit newest quizzes?
  10. Have your quizzes ever made it to top forty or got on front page?

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