The Do You Need To Go Back To School Quiz

There are a lot of people who are geniuses. They probably tried their best in school, so we suggest that you do too. Never give up. Always follow your dreams. If you dream of being the next einstein, pay close attention in chemistry and all other sciences.

Always believe in yourself. Don't let others tell you what to do. If you want to be a successful business person, you would qualify if you got only B's and A's on your report card. Always do your best at everything.

Created by: Billy
  1. What is 4/1
  2. What was the new name for the Sears Tower?
  3. Which one of these things pollute the air?
  4. Name one famous person that died pennyless.
  5. How come if you are really tall, like over 8 feet tall, you can die at a young age?
  6. What is a plateu
  7. Who wrote the music to The Star Spangled Banner?
  8. Who came up with the Periodic Table?
  9. Who wrote the Nutcracker Suite?
  10. Who were the Puritans

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Quiz topic: The do I Need To Go Back To School Quiz