There are many, many people who use this site. For some, daily. But, after all, some of the people just have no idea what they are doing on here. But now it's time to find out about YOU...

Yes, YOU! This is it! This is THE GoToQuiz quiz! Are you excited? :) Take this quiz and see what percentage of a GoToQuiz master you are! Good luck!

Created by: MegaDeth4evr
  1. When you go to the GoToQuiz homepage, what do you see?
  2. Who cussed me out in comments of my quiz "Bored? Take This!"?
  3. While creating a quiz, how many possible answers is there to choose from
  4. What is ALWAYS on the top-left corner of your screen while at this website?
  5. If you want more questions on a quiz you have created, how can you get more questions on it?
  6. Which user is pretty much the most quiz-taking user on this site?
  7. What is the section all the way to the right when you scrol all the way up? What does it normally say?
  8. Somewhere while creating a quiz, you see at the bottom, "If you have trouble making this quiz, contact ____________________". Fill in the blank with the answers provided.
  9. If you type in a real or fake e-mail address as a possible answer while creatig a quiz, it will say on the "choose correct answer," ______.
  10. Up to how many total questions can you have on one quiz?
  11. When you have added over 10/12 questions while, again, creating a quiz, it says the following sentence:
  12. When creating an account on this website, you must provide:
  13. About how many quizzes would you say that you have taken here?
  14. Well, this quiz is almost over. Did you like the quiz so far?
  15. One last thing... will you comment on this quiz after you see your results?

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