True Or False: Animal Facts

Lots of people may know about animal facts. Some are a master of educational learners, others just can't look up the internet and only know a few. Though, I would be very disappointed due to the fact that people would cheat by looking up at the internet, so I would advise you not to do that please.

But what about you? Do you have what it takes to be the master of these ten animals facts and ace this quiz? Maybe show off other Gotoquiz users that you did well on the test and get them to see if they could get all the answers correctly? No need to wait and read this description until you can try to complete this quiz, please take it and in just a few minutes you will find out the results and see if you are a professional about animals, or just somebody who barely knows alot.

Created by: BigLoserGirl
  1. True Or False (Difficulty: Very Easy); An Elephant Species that I forgot the name of's horns are made out of Ivory.
  2. True Or False (Difficulty: Easy); People kill whales to get it's ambergris and make perfumes and other cosmetics.
  3. True Or False (Difficulty: Very Hard); Sharks are mammals.
  4. True or False (Difficulty: Hard); Commodo Dragons, Sharks, Tarantulas, Snakes and Bumblebees are the only animals that kill people with different methods.
  5. True Or False (Difficulty: Medium); Macaroni Penguins lay 1 to 2 eggs a day.
  6. True Or False (Difficulty: Medium); Back then, Crocodiles were an endangered species because people kill them to make shoes and purses as if their fur is made out of leather.
  7. True Or False (Difficulty: Very Easy); All sharks crave for blood.
  8. True Or False (Difficulty: Hard); Clearly, only one shark specie eats swordfish.
  9. True or false (Difficulty: Medium); Macaroni Penguins are a vulnerable species, which means they are close to being rare and endangered.
  10. True or False (Difficulty: Easy); In the future, 50% of animal species will soon be extinct and gone.

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