Which Endangered Species Are You Most Like?

Everyday different animal species around the globe are fighting to just stay alive, as you read this some animal somewhere is dying when it really shouldn't have. This quiz is for the most endangered species on earth just fighting to stay alive...

Created by: Kish
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How much would you say you love animals from a rating of 1-10 with 1 being a "I don't care about them" and 10 being a "I could die for them"
  2. What month were you born in?
  3. What BEST describes you out of these?
  4. Of these types of animals,which do you like the MOST?
  5. Of these types of animals, which do you like the LEAST?
  6. This quiz is just for fun, not a personality quiz but a quiz for the animals out there that are fighting to stay alive right now
  7. Which season do you like the best among these?
  8. What part of the day do you prefer?
  9. Are you afraid of the dark?
  10. And this is the end of the quiz and yes it is not a personality quiz, I am no stalker I don't know anything about your personality but I really hope you like your result...
  11. 1 last question. Pick a favourite
  12. And again this time for real, 1 last question. Pick a favourite

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Quiz topic: Which Endangered Species am I Most Like?