Do you know Australian animals?

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Austrailia has very very many animal species, there are alot of endangered animals in Australia. Austrailia is sometimes called ''Down Under''. Many people go to Australia for the sandy beaches.

Do YOU know your Australian animal species? Do you have the knowledge on Australian animal species? You can find out here in just a few minutes! Just take the quiz to find out!

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  1. What percentage of Australia's animals are mammels?
  2. about What percentage of Australia's amimal species are invertebrates?
  3. TRUE OR FALSE? The spotted wobbegong is the largest wobbegong shark?
  4. True or False? The Cane Toad is poisoness
  5. What percentage of Austrailia's animals are reptiles?
  6. The tasmanian tiger became extinct in what year?
  7. The dingo was introduced to Australia around how many years ago?
  8. True or False? The dugong is an endangered species?
  9. True or False? The emu is the fourth largest surviving species of bird?
  10. True or False? the blue-tongued lizard is the largest species of skink?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Australian animals?