Which Endangered Species are you?

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With nearly a quarter of all mammal species and a third of amphibians threatened with extinction, there's an urgent need to safeguard wildlife and the places in which they live. The growing and unsustainable demand by people for natural resources is at the heart of the problem. The demands made by human activities – such as agriculture, forestry, energy production, road building and poaching – are all having a serious impact. The growing danger from climate change could also result in devastating consequences for our natural environment in the coming years.

So which Animal from this quiz are you sadly not all the results I wanted are on here but in the 2nd one they will be so :) PLEASE TAKE THE SECOND VERSION OF THIS QUIZ WHICH CONTAINS THE OPTIONS I WA SUNABLE TO GET ONTO THIS QUIZ :D

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. Right there is actually 6 more Anmals I wanted to put on the Results but cos its an ass and would only let me have eleven. So you'll have to take 'Which Endangered Species are you 2?' in which the other 6 species will be on
  2. What is your Favourite Colour??
  3. Where would you rather be?
  4. What disgusts you most outta the following?
  5. Which do you prefer?
  6. Pick which one you'd rather eat?
  7. Which place would you rather be in?
  8. Do you contribute or donate anything to the WWF?
  9. If so which animal have you assisted with/donated to/adopted (more options on second question)
  10. Continuing...

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Quiz topic: Which Endangered Species am I?