Are You Original or Annoying

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Created by: URrntoriganalURjustscene
  1. When you do your makeup in the morning what do you think?
  2. When you dress yourself what do you normally wear?
  3. Let's talk about hair! How do you do your hair?
  4. How do you act around friends
  5. What makes you creative?
  6. If you were to listen to any band right now what would it be
  7. Out of all these people, who are the most annoying?
  8. If you were have a username for something what would it be?
  9. Do you try to be creative and original?
  10. Do you want a lot of people to notice who you are?
  11. Is your hair bigger than your head?
  12. Do you consider yourself random

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Quiz topic: Am I Original or Annoying