How Original Are You On GoToQuiz?

How original are you on this website? A little original? A LOT original? Or very not original? Want to find out? I think you know how. Just scroll down and begin the quiz.

Seriously, just scroll down for crying out loud. Please. For crying out loud. JUST DO IT. How many gosh dang lines do I have to write here blargh I hate this one hundred fifty character thingy

Created by: Secret Person ;)

  1. Have you ever made a "What Color Are You?" (Or some variation of that) Quiz?
  2. How About A "I Can Guess Your Gender" Quiz?
  3. Or A "What Breed Of Dog/Cat/Horse Are You?" Quiz?
  4. How about a "Does She/He Like You?" Quiz?
  5. Or a "Whats Your Warrior Cat Name?" Quiz?
  6. Or a "What Day/Time Of The Year Are You?" Quiz?
  7. How about a "Would You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse" Quiz?
  8. Or A "What Kind Of Music Are You?" Quiz?
  9. How about a "What's Your Personality?" Quiz?
  10. Or a "What Super Power Do You Have?" Quiz?
  11. Were you HONEST in this quiz? (Anyone can check if your lying by going to your quiz's.)

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