How Annoying Are You?

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There are so many annoying people out there in this crazy world. The only problem is -- they don't know it! People hate them and bully them for certain reasons.

Maybe you don't think your annoying, but you are, everyone is! There's just something about everyone who is annoying, but just about HOW annoying are you?

Created by: IcyDesignns
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  1. When you start talking people normally...
  2. Do you pick your nose?
  3. Do you talk a lot?
  4. Burping
  5. People always ask you
  6. People always say you are...
  7. What do people find your jokes?
  8. When you throw a party...
  9. Farting is
  10. What do you do with bubble wrap?

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Quiz topic: How Annoying am I?