im very annyoing

There are some annyoing (annoying) people but you maybe one of them. An annoying person, who will never ever shut there mouth. Or laugh toooooo much. But you can always tell if someone is.

Are you an annyoing (annoying) person. But it don't matter how it's spelled. But take this quiz, and fine out. This quiz may also help, if people don't like you.

Created by: Brittany

  1. Would you say one word all day
  2. Would you never shut up
  3. Would you make a annyoing videos
  4. Do you like to sing one line in a song over and over
  5. Do you like the annyoing orange Watch him on youtube But watch annyoing orange saw
  6. Do people like to talk to you
  7. Do you make animal noises
  8. Do you talk about one topic all the time
  9. Do you laugh at random things/ all the time
  10. Do you make people walk away from you

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