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the continuation of the my love life series is here!!hiya peoples of all kinds of planets with gotoquiz!!! i hope you guys like it! for the 1st time i'm actually not feeling lazy. so here ya go!

hey! well, thank you so much for taking this quiz. it is really great to know that you guys found it! i hope you will continue following my quizzes.

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. left off at: you do see a picture and you are shocked when you see it. it is, a picture.....of YOU!
  2. you realize that it is in italian, and john says, "oh i know what that says". you and Zera look at him with confused faces and he sighed and explained, "i had a crush on a girl and she was a foreign exchange student back in new york. it was no use though. she got with the blond of course. hmph! anyway, that was a few years ago. but i still know a few. that says 'La regina che dovrà lottare per il suo amore, il suo trono e più che è sconosciuto' . which in english, means 'the queen who will have to fight for her love, throne, and more that is unknown'".
  3. you guys shake your heads and head off to check the book out. maybe you could read about it and Tony would be a great help with the prophecy.
  4. you guys get in the car talking about how weird John is. Zera is driving, and you are in the back with john. Zera put her purse in the front seat and doesn't like anyone to move it. then, you guys started talking about how John would learn italian to get a girl but not a good grade.
  5. you are in the middle of the woods trying to fit in a small trail when the car slows down to a stop. "hey, Z not to rush you or anything but, i'm hungry and stopping is not helping". John stated. you elbow him and ask, "is something wrong?"
  6. "they'r here. i know it. i can feel it. i see it. Jule you need to go. now!" shouted Zera. you froze afraid and shocked. "run!" John yelled as he pushed you to the door. the door wouldn't unlock.
  7. "it's stuck!" you yell. then she said,"that's weird. vampires don't have that kind of power. the only person i know that can do that is-" she was cut off by men breaking in through the windows and one dragged you out. you started fighting him and when you finally where hovering over him, you heard Zera yell for help. john ran over to her and you were thinking whether to make this a fair fight or not.
  8. however, since you were distracted for that one moment, the guy punched you in the gut. you fell off him and to the ground. that's when you really did get pissed off. you got up and he was smiling an evil smile. you put your fists in fighting position just like Tony showed you. but what most people don't know, is that you have to wait for the other person to throw the first punch. "ALWAYS LET THE OPPONENT THROW THE FIRST PUNCH" you hear Tony's voice repeat in your head as you remember the class. he threw the first punch and you ducked and smiled as you slowly raised your head. you grew some grass, swung down to trip him with your legs, grabbed the leaves off the ground, got up and threw the leaves on him which pretty much buried him underground all in one swift move.
  9. you turned to John and he was surrounded by so many men on the other side of the car. you jumped over the car landing on two of the men and you pulled off their heads and burned them. the others stared in shock at you and that made you feel really good. you orbed to Johns side assuming attack position as you two were facing back to back. the rest formed a circle around you two and started charging all at the same time. you yelled, "hey! that is NOT fair!" as you took down two more vampires.
  10. you two took down all but two. John was fighting the girl and vampire girls fight 10x better than guy vamps. you were fighting a vamp guy. you were so tired that he had his arm around your throat and his other hand holding yours against your back. you were struggling and stopped to breath when he whispered into your ear, his cold breath and harp lips pressed against your ear, "say goodbye sleeping beauty." and that pissed you off and you said, "don't tell me what to do butthead!"(that was meant for humor)as you remembered a move you saw in a movie teaching you how to do this: S.I.N.G.= hit his side with your elbow, in-step, hit his nose with your head, and finally, kick him in the groin! (i learned this in a movie heehee! "miss congeniality")
  11. he fell to the ground and you used air to push him into the fire. you looked around and Zera was finishing off John's opponent. you started heading towards the car and when you looked inside to see how bad it was, a vampire kicked you in the head then more swung down from the trees. you fell to the ground and looked around. you were seconds away from fainting when the last thing you saw was John being thrown into the broken car. he was tied up. and Zera being detained as the screams," No! why you?"and everything went fuzzy and mute and you blacked out.
  12. CLIFFHA- oh! wait no! not yet! haha i scared you didn't i?
  13. CLIFFHA- oh! wait no! not yet! haha i scared you didn't i?
  14. you woke up in a cell with Zera at your side. both of you chained to the wall and you asked Zera, "what happened? wait, where's John?" you started panicking. she replied struggling to be released, "they thought he was useless so they tied him up and and left him in the car. you got hit on the head and fainted...again." you struggled to melt the glowing chains but it wouldn't work. then, you noticed someone was in the other end of the the room in the darker area. you didn't notice it before.
  15. you noticed the hair but shook your head convincing yourself it's not that person. but when he spoke, "just as useless as you two trying to escape from the unicorn chains." you realized who it was. you were shocked to see him walk away from the darkness to you. it was... CLIFFHANGER!!

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