my love life part 4

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hiya girls!! thank you so much for your patience in this story quiz. i hope you liked it. my apologies if it was boring. i couldn't come up with anything so i was stuck on it for a while.

hope you like this quiz. it took me a really long time to think of this quiz. if you want this series to continue, please leave me some suggestions in the comment page. i do check it a lot. so... yeah.

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. hiya!!! we left off at... you hear a knock on the door. you all look at each other then Bryan gets up to get the door. before he could get a hold of the door knob, it bursts open and....
  2. it was John. " nobody answered the door! whats wrong with you idiots?" you looked at Aaron and you both rolled your eyes and got up. "Chill john, Bryan was on his way to the door." said Aaron. you smiled at him and went to hug John. though you really don't like him, you feel bad for him. he was only raised wrong. " hey cuz!" you say smiling as you go up to hug him.
  3. he smiles at you. "Julie!! hi! i havent seen you in such a long time." he exclaims looking so excited to see you. You frown at him because he's only nice to you when he wants something. "what do you want?" you ask annoyed. He smiles even wider because you know him so well and he answers you, "I dont do cottages or shacks." you scowl at him and say," really? well i dont even know where i am so just take a seat and shut up. the guys have ,more explaining to do." you walk away from him and sit back into the couch in the living room.
  4. he follows behind you and he took a seat in between Alex and Aaron. Alex decided to introduce everyone to John. he started to signal to everyone as he spoke, "This is Aaron, the were-tiger. Tony, the Wizard. he'll be training you.Bryan, the fallen angel. finally, I am Alex. the Vampire." John's eyes widened in fright when Alex said he was A vampire. you started to crack up with the rest of the guys because Alex showed him his fangs and he winked at John evilly.
  5. John was startled and he scooted back to bump into Aaron. Aaron showed his tail. and his eyes turned into green white-tiger eyes. plus he showed his tiger teeth as well. John screamed and fell to the ground. thats when all the guys started to crack up so much. you laughed so far you fell on the floor and other guys were just cracking up!!!
  6. once you all calmed down you decided to ask another question. "Okaay... so what happened back in the car when Andrew showed up? how did i black out?"
  7. Bryan hadn't talked so he decided to answer," He is such an evil vampire. he really gets on my nerves. anyway, one of his powers is when he darkens his eyes, whoever looks into them blacks out. plus, he gives extremely cold chills. every vampire has a power. Alex has Invisibility plus all the other vampire effects. you know, super speed, strength, that kinda stuff.
  8. you all had a moment to think to your selfs when you got curious. if you are staying with these guys, where is all your stuff? which room are you staying in? then, Aaron breaks the silence and says,"In the other house. this is just our fall back emergency center. Tony zapped your stuff into the kitchen while you were out." you were so confused. "how did you--" he cuts you off and says were-tigers have powers too ya know. i can read and talk to other people into minds.
  9. `you widened your eyes in surprise and exclaimed," wow that's so cool!!" Aaron smiled at you and said,"thats how i knew you were upset this morning and when we were little." you blushed and thought to yourself dang so now he'll know my personal things? then you hear his voice in your head saying,"yup always have." you smiled at him and thought to him,"keep out of my private stuff eh? or else you can read my mind and see what ill do if u do." you look at him and he says out loud,"got it" as he raised his hands like a cop got him. you laughed and the rest looked at you and him and gave a confused look.
  10. you then wondered,"hey what happened to Andrew?" Alex answers chuckling along with the rest of the guys "i used invisibility to sneak up on him and beat him up. then Andrew took off." you sighed in relief. "so...Where are we staying?" John asks. Tony asks Aaron," yo is the mansion safe?" Aaron closed his eyes and after a minute, he opens them and says, "Yeah we're clear. Bryan, warm up the car. i'll get Julia's bags and Tony, get John's crap." you snicker at him as John just gives him an offended look.
  11. you got in the car. you were sooo tired. you sat between john and the window. you got so tired that your eyes were practically giving up on you. you decided to lean your head on John to fall asleep but then he shot up his shoulder. " sorry cuz. lean on the window." he said. you grumbled,"screw you,cuz. im just sleepy." as you shifted your body to lean on the window. it was cold and hard. you didn't like it but you were tired. after a while, you heard yelling. though you were so close to truly falling in deep sleep, you understood words in the screaming,"julie! jules wake up! julia!!" it sounded like the guys. especially john. you really wanted to wake up but your eyes wouldn't let you. the voices sounded worried and angry.
  12. finally you forced your eyes open and you took a long stretch. "mmmmm... are we there yet?" you say sleepily. your eyes adjust and you look at all the guys. they'r outside the car looking scared out of they'r minds. you widen your eyes in fright thinking just maybe the queen is near by and they'r scared of her. you quietly ask whispering," is the queen and andrew nearby?" Bryan steps up closer to you and the car and says,"are you okay?!" you give a worried look and say," i'm fine as far as i know. what's going on? what'd i miss?" you get out of the car asking.
  13. "you fell asleep" Alex confirmed. you shrugged and rolled your eyes,"yeah well i know that. why are you guys acting like you saw some ghost. and why are you all sweating?" you ask. Tony speaks up and says," A Quell's strongest power is supposed to be shown in their sleep. it seems yours is Fire. when you were sleeping, we kept sweating. John tried to wake you up but you burned him." he said chuckling a little bit. you blushed and said,"oops. heh heh...sorry."
  14. you turned around and saw a huge mansion in the middle of a bunch of tall forest trees. "wow. great place." you said. Bryan grabbed your bags and said,Ill show you to your bedroom. its fire proof. glad we have it. its the only fire proof bedroom we have." you chuckled and grabbed your bags from him. and said,"i think i can handle these by myself thank you. you can lead the way." you followed him into the mansion. it was huge and most of the furniture looked like it was made of either, crystal or wood. except the couches and beds of course. you followed him up the stairs into a hallway filled with various doors with decorations and a name carved into each one. you followed Bryan to one clear door and he opened it. you looked into the bedroom and you saw...CLIFFHANGAR!!!!!!

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