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Thanks for taking Love Story-- Part 1. Part one is about who you turn out to be with, part 2 with be about who you will end up with and become HighSchool SweetHearts. Part 3 will be the one where you see who you'll eventually marry and what number of kids you'll have. Gender, at what age yo have them. Part 4 is where you determine death and if you two get a divorce or not. Good luck!!

Yes, yes, this quiz was inspired by LA Love Summer Love Story Parts 1, 2, and 3. Check those quizes out, Im strangely addicted to them know. I hope you enjoy this somewhat wierd quiz! ThanksMuch!!!

Created by: RemysFault

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  1. Your first day of your Junior year in High School. You are excited but not soo much. "((Your Name Here)), Get down here!" your Mom yells. You run downstairs and eat your breakfast; ect., Kyle, your 15 yr. old brother comes running downstairs. "Whoa, bro. That excited for your first day of high school??" you say. He nods. "Um, yea! Weren't you?" You say:
  2. When you park your new car, and get out. A black Volkswagen Jetta and four boys get out. New boys, you think. Score. The boy from the drivers seat see's you and winks. He gets out and walks over to you. He has brown skater hair and emerald green eyes. He says "Hey cutey, Im Adam. Whats your name?" You say:
  3. The rest of Adam's friends see's you. "Whao, Hot Chick alert. I call her!" Said one of the boys. He had blonde spikey hair with little blue streaks and yellowish eyes. Your like:
  4. The boy that called dibs on you introduces himself as Michael. You also find out that he can be sweet, but can also be a little rude at times. Then, athother boy with curly brown hair comes up to you. "Hey, Im Andy." He says. He has beautiful deep blue eyes with a hint of CUTE in them. You:
  5. Then, ANOTHER boy pops up. He had blonde curly surfer hair with blue0green eyes. Beautiful! "Hey girrrl. Im Bryan. Wanna walk with me?" He says. "Um, thats okay. I'll walk myself." You say. "Suit yourself." Then he walks away and looks back every few seconds. You:
  6. After school, Adam pokes you back. The he says: "Hey ((Your Name Here)), wanna go someplace with me?" Then you say: "Oh, sure." He smiles and takes your hand. You:
  7. Later, after dinner with Adam, he takes you back to his house. "Wanna come in?" He asks. "Oh, sure." You say back. You two go inside and he takes you into the living room. You sit on the couch and he sits next to you, turning on the T.V. You watch a movie and when its over, Adam takes your hand and pulls you closer so he can kiss you. You:
  8. The next day, Saturday, you go to a coffee shop. There, you see Bryan talking to some dude. He see's you and says something to the other guy then walks over to you. "Hey there ((Your Name Here)), what brings you here?" He asks. "Oh, well. Coffee brings me to life." you say back. He laughs and offers his hand. "Want to go for a walk? You know, after you get your coffee?" You nod and take his hand. The two of you go up to the counter and order the same thing: a chocolate mocha, extra whipped cream. The girl behind the counter and smiles and say: "Oh, how cute. Young love sharing the same drink." Bryan looks at you and you:
  9. After getting coffee, you spot Michael sitting on a brick wall and he motions you over to him. "Hey cutey. Whats going on?" He said to you, as you sit next to him. "Ah, nothing really. How 'bout you?" You reply. "Mm, Im perfectly fine, now that your here." He says. You giggle. "So, cutey. wanna go out with me?" He asks you. ((Wow, kinda sudden, no?)) You say:
  10. Later, your walking along the beach, and you see someone swimming in the water. ((Well, where else would you swim??)) The boy looks like he's drowning; waving his arms in the air, screaming 'HELP!'. You panick and jump in the water, forgetting you cant even swim yourself. ((Not smart much?))You swim after him, close enough to see who he is. By the time you got there, he was giving up. It was Andy. You grab him by the hand and pull him towards shore and drag him up. His eyes are half closed and you are freaking out. "Andy?? Andy?! Wake. Up. An. Dy. Now. Immendiately." You said, shaking him. He opens his eyes and says: "Oh, Im sorry ((Your Name Here)). You looked like you couldnt..." He started but his eyes closed. "Ah, s---." You says. Now you have to do something, he's really cute, so you:
  11. Later that same day, you come across yur best friend, Kalea. "Hey bestie!!" She says to you. "How's the new boys?" She countinued. You say: "Oh, fun." You both laugh. ((For no reason, yes yes.)) You and her make plans for a double date with her and her boyfrind, Beck. So you have to pick a guy, and you choose:
  12. In the end of the month, you are in love with one of these boys. You like Michael, because of his dangerous side, you like Adam, just because he's so sweet and cute, you like Bryan, because he's loves taking walks and talking. And you like Andy, because you love the way he looks at you. Adam, Michael, Andy, && Bryan. The four new boy-best friends. Hard to choose, but they are all worth it. To Adam you say,:
  13. Countinuing from Question 14, atfer you've talked/smiled with/at Adam, you go to Andy and say:
  14. Countiue((From 14)): You say to Bryan:
  15. AGAIN Countinueing.. You say to Michael.:
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