Love story: Bob, Rob or Robby? Part 1

This is a love story quiz. And yes, it is very difficult to make a unique and original love story quiz. But I did my best. Who will you get? Sweet Rob? Smokin' hot Robby? Funny and random Bob?

Which guy is right for you? This is a fun (meaningless yes, but fun) fantabulous, splendid, exciting quiz. Maybe your Rob's type of girl (or guy I don't judge.) Maybe your Bob's type. Maybe Rob's, all you have to do is take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Claire
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  1. You are walking through the park when you see three boys; one is blond, an inch shorter then you, and has a cute smile, average build, one has black hair, grey eyes, tall and leanly muscular, has glasses, one has red hair, striking blue eyes, tall and leanly muscular (extremely hot), the blond one is holding a clarinet case and a National Inquirer, the dark-hair-ed one is reading a complex novel and a lollipop, the red-hair-ed one is holding a sketchbook full of wonderful drawings, several phone-numbers and a soccer ball, which one do you have the best first impression of?
  2. The one with red hair looks up and smiles at you; he walks over and says: "I'm Robby." You say "Hey, I'm [*insert name here*] he says "Ya single?" Smiling. What do you say?
  3. The blond one walks up to you and pass you a piece of a ripped magazine, the magazine words say "WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?" and written underneath them in pen says "Hi, my name's Bob, but you can call me anytime..." A phone number is on the back.
  4. The dark-hair-ed one walks up to you, squeezing one eye shut he quickly says, "Do-you-want-to-get-a-coffee-sometime?" then he turns bright red and says "My name is Rob, by the way!" He is clearly embarrassed. You say...
  5. You decide to say yes to all of them, keep your options open. You go home, and watch some TV, then someone calls you, you have caller ID so you know it's Robby.
  6. You go upstairs after your conversation with the enchanting Robby, and hear knocking on your window, you look out and see Bob on your tree, he says "[*Insert name here*] [* insert name here*] let down your hair!"
  7. After half an hour, Bob goes back home, you realize it's time for your date with Rob, you go to the cafe where you decided to meet, through the glass wall you see Rob...
  8. You go to the library after your awesome date with Rob, what section of the library do you look in?
  9. You check out your book and go outside. You see Robby and some other large, strong, macho-looking dude who you think is named Jessica (it IS a guy but with a very unfortunate girly name) in a fight, people are gathering around yelling "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" What do you do?
  10. You knew this was coming, what result do you hope to get?

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