Meet Me Halfway Part 5

Hey [: so this is Part 5 of the quiz series "Meet Me Halfway"! It took longer than expected because some of you asked me to make it longer, which I didn't want to, but still did. haa, & I've been caught up in school and guitar so yup. Hope you like it!

Jerimiah has a british accent, dark brown hair, & brown eyes. He's the intelligent and sensitive one. Rave has black hair, & emerald green eyes, he is the mysterious, romantic one of the bunch. & Shayne is the more athletic guy with dirty blonde hair and icy blue eyes, he's more of the fun loving, outgoing one. I picture them with the emo/scene flippy kind of hair but feel free to picture them anyway you want (:

Created by: DannicaxDarling
  1. The next morning, supposedly the "field trip" you went downstairs all ready with the bags to meet the boys at the school. Your mom and aunt and uncle & pretty much everyone said goodbye all teary eyed and you almost cried to. Edward drove you to the school and said goodbye with a big smile and you walked over the the boys.
  2. "Ready?" Asked Rave with a smile. "Yup." You responded," but how are we gonna get there?" Nobody answered you but when you turned around you saw a black bmw with tinted windows. "Woah." You muttered under your breathe. You ran over to the car and sat in the backseat not even acknowledging the boys. Rave sat with you in the back, Jerimiah was the driver, and Shayne sat in the passenger seat. "'d this car get here?" You asked. "I brought it over, you know with my telekenisis." Jerimiah said. You, admiring his british accent that everytime you hear, makes you melt inside, said smoothly, "Oh...that's cool." Everyone put on their seatbelts and Jerimiah started the car. He wasn't driving though, I guess it was his mind doing the driving but he just lay back relaxing. You couldn't help but laugh a little. Then you asked, "Is this your car?!" "Huh? Oh yea, my mother gave it to me for my birthday."
  3. "Wow, wtf." You thought in your head. All 4 of you started talking and laughing while the radio was on playing your favorite songs. You finally got to the airport and all of you got out of the car. Jerimiah transported the car back to his house and you bought your tickets and checked in the bags.
  4. For what seemed like hours waiting by the gate the announcer finally said into the intercom, "FLIGHT TO NEW YORK IS NOW BOARDING" Excited, you got up and was first in line at the gate, the boys behind you. You gave your ticket to the lady and she let you in. You looked at your seat and it was in first class.
  5. You waited to see which boy you would sit next to since it was 2 seats per row. When all 3 of them checked where they were sitting the boy you wanted got to sit next to you! Who is it? :D
  6. ** Ok well I'm going to do a different question for the boy you picked so if it doesn't have the guy you picked, just pick the "-" option and move on till you get to your guy. **
  7. Jerimiah ; Jerimiah sat down next to you and in your head you though, "8 hours stuck with this guy? I can dig it ;D" right away, you guys started talking about the things you guys could do in New York other than searching for the will. Then you two started talking about life and science along with history. You didn't know Jerimiah was THAT smart and you found out you were pretty smart aswell. It wasn't boring stuff like what they teach at school but the stuff kids actually wanna hear. You then fell asleep on his shoulder "on accident" and he fell asleep on your head. (:
  8. Rave ; Rave took a seat next to you and smiled. You returned the favor and opened your window. He started talking about your dad and how great of a man he was. You smiled at the thought of him and got into some pretty deep thinking. Rave on the other hand, took out a sketchpad and a pencil and before you knew it, he had you drawn on the piece of paper. You looked it over and it was absolutely beautiful. You two then took out your ipods and started talking about music when a flight attendant came and asked how long you two have been together :P
  9. Shayne ; when Shayne sat down next to you he immediately apologized in a sincere voice. You accepted it, and you two started messing with the mini tv's every passenger had. You guys started playing games and whoever lost had to ask for something strange from the flight attendant that went from "elephant fries" to "deep fried sushi" Shayne's intriguing eyes always made you have butterflies in your stomach but 8 hours with him? The butterflies by now have turned into caterpillars and have been replaced with jumping frogs. It was all fun until the flight attendant, who was fed up with you guys, said someone sent a noise complaint. -_-
  10. 8 hours has gone by quickly and sooner or later the captain announced that you'll be landing in 5 minutes. You looked at the clock on your ipod and saw it was 6:00 pm. (New York is 8 hours ahead of time, jussayin). You opened your window and was amazed by all the lights. When the plane landed, all of you got out, got your bags and everything and headed out to go to your hotel.
  11. All 4 of you waited outside and when the taxi finally came you all piled in. "Why couldn't you bring your car?" You asked Jerimiah. "Because there were too many people around, I mean wouldn't it be kinda weird that the batmobile just popped outta nowhere?" He said with a teasing smile. "Oh, yea huh." Shayne gave the instructions to the cab driver and he successfully got you to the hotel. "Grand Hilton" you read on the building, which was quite big actually. You went inside and it was marvelous! Smooth marble floors, small copper statues, restaurants inside, swimming pool, oh yes, it was all there. (I went there when I was 9 so this is actually what it looks like) the best part is, it was smack in the middle of Time Square.
  12. Rave checked in and all of you climbed in the elevator. You asked which button to press and Rave said the very top one. "We're on the top floor?! That's where all the rich people go!" You exclaimed. You quickly pressed it and when the doors opened, hyper, you asked which room you were staying in. "Hmm.That one." Said shayne pointing. "WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS? THAT'S WHERE PARIS HILTON STAYED. IN THAT ROOM. I BET THAT'S WHERE SHE MADE HER SEX TAPE." You exclaimed ecstaticly.
  13. Shayne opened the door & it was beautiful. There was pretty much everything you had in your house in mini form. Coincidently, there were 4 beds and 2 bathrooms,' let's just say, it was a huge suite. "Which one's mine?" You asked. "Pick any one you want" Shayne said with a grin. "THIS ONE." You said with a huge smile. It was a queen sized bed next to the window with the fantastic view of the city lights. Rave took the bed next to yours & in the other half of the suite, Jerimiah and Shayne claimed their beds.
  14. You all started hanging out on your side of the room because that's where the flatscreen was while Shayne's side only had a medium sized tv. You guys were ordering Room Service when you asked, "how long are we staying here?" "Uh, maybe 5 days." Jerimiah answered. "5 days? To search this whole city for the will?" "Well _____ you didn't read the whole letter. It said, "There's not much time. I'm writing this in my current home in New York City, the will may be there, may not. All I'm going to tell you is see the one named Rob on 5th avenue." Read Shayne from the letter you gave him after the plane ride for safe keeping. "Oh." You muttered.
  15. You ordered all your food & in no time, it was at your door. You tipped the guy and went back to eat. When you were all finished, you saw it was only 7:30 and decided to set out to see Rob early.
  16. You started walking until you were craving a bag of chips. You went to a random hot dog stand and asked for a bag of your favorite chips. The guy handed it to you and you squinted to see his name tag to thank him properly and said, "Thank you...rob." You smiled and he said your welcome. As you were walking away you said to the boys, "He's a nice man. That Rob...wait.." You turned around and ran to the hot dog stand. "Your name is Rob right? You knew my dad? Mr. [Insert last name here]?" He stared at you creepily while the boys stood alongside you. Then out of nowhere Rob grabbed you by the shoulder, pointed a gun to your head and yelled, "NOBODY MOVE OR THE GIRLS DEAD!"

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