They Love Me {Prologue}

This is just the aftermath of "They Love Me Part 25 {The End}" I actually got pretty sad while typing this, but it'll all start over again hopefully. Thanks for everything guys, see you soon!!

Ok, well Meet Me Halfway is gonna be way more fun, less dramatic, no supernatural, & just a teen love story that I hope you girls & maybe guys will relate to and enjoy :D

Created by: dannicuhh

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  1. Jared: Jared still lives in the mansion, refusing to let go of all the precious memories. He still keeps everything exactly where it is & every morning, still makes himself a sandwich.
  2. Dakota: Dakota decided to chase his dreams of becoming a famous musician. He has a lovely girlfriend who he decides on proposing to.
  3. Matt: Matt actually found himself in poetry and other forms of writing. That poem he wrote inspired by June was the one that started his whole career in the first place. He lives in the area & visits Dane's grave often.
  4. Taylor: Taylor got a scholarship to Stanford & has had excellence progress since. He decided to run a campaign about helping the Earth. & is also a scientist with a beautiful wife.
  5. Blaze & Daniel: After defeating Arianne, Blaze free'd Daniel from where he was imprisoned and they got married right away with you being the bride's maid. They know live in a big home with 2 adorable children.
  6. You: As for yourself, you went to college, got a masters degree, & fell in love with a really cute guy. You guys got married with Blaze as your braid's maid, her children as your flower girl & ring bearer,your mom watching from above , & all the boys (including Dane) in the stands watching their forever first, or second in Matt's case, love walk down the aisle.
  7. I hope you enjoyed this quiz series & like the next one as much as you liked this.
  8. Make sure to check out my next quiz series which will be called, "Meet Me Halfway"
  9. There will be no supernatural things or magic. Just a true story that I've made up myself that hopefully you guys can connect to.
  10. Thanks again, wish you the best; bye! (:

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