Pre-Quiz to 'It's All Your Fault!: Where Are You Now?'

This is a prologue, so to speak, for a series I'm doing. In order to have more accurate results, there will be different quizzes you can take based on your answers. For example, guys can take a different quiz than girls so there can be relationships that won't conflict with anyone.

So, if you like this, write a comment and I'll continue. If you're wanting a love story, forget it! This is an action/adventure and the romance in here is going to be kept to a minimum.

Created by: Nallie

  1. You are walking in the woods when you hear the most beautiful sound. Entranced, you
  2. Suddenly, you feel compelled to follow the sound, against your better judgement. Your reaction?
  3. In a half-asleep trance, you unwillingly follow the sound. It gets louder as you travel deeper into the woods. As you walk, you have the strangest feeling that you're being watched.
  4. As you walk, you see a bird, watching you with curious eyes. It cocks its head to one side, as if questioning your presence.
  5. A sinister faces leers eerily out of the darkness. It grins at you in a way that tells you he has been expecting you, but not in a good way.
  6. The incredibly hairy man extends a grimy finger towards you and beckons you near him. Obediently, you follow him against your will down into a creepy cavern where he locks you in a dingy, dripping cage.
  7. As you sulk, the bird from the forest comes to rest on a perch near you. It looks regretful. Is it lying?
  8. So, lost and alone, except for that myserious bird, you feel
  9. What do you think?
  10. Ok, the results are REALLY messed up and I know, so please don't comment about them. I'll be better prepared for the next one. What they should be is:

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Quiz topic: Pre-Quiz to 'It's All my Fault!: Where am I Now?'