It's All Your Fault!: Where Are You Now?

Ok, I know I said I'd stay away from the romance, but it just worked so well here. Write a comment and tell me what you think! I love getting your comments! Oh, and I also said I'd make seperate quizzes to make results more accurate. Well...I don't think I'm actually going to do that. Sorry if you were looking forward to that...

Here's the actual quiz to that prologue you saw. Recap: You were locked in a cage in a strange place waiting for your rescuer(or submitting to your fate). The only thing you can really see is that mysterious bird. What is up with that bird, anyway?

Created by: Nallie
  1. Which did you get last time?
  2. We left off with you in that cage, wondering
  3. Suddenly, the bird blinks and flits off its perch. It flies gracefully over into a shadow where you lose sight of it.
  4. Out of the shadows, a guy your age appears.
  5. He is(no matter how you answer, he's still hot)
  6. "Come with me" he says.
  7. He gets you out of the cage and hurries you back along that dark cavern. You follow, hoping to be out of that awful place as soon as possible. Your reaction?
  8. As you two rush out in silence, you finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Excited, you run faster. Suddenly, you hear an ominous set of footsteps growing louder behind you.
  9. You run faster and gradually the footsteps in the background die down. You two reach the light at the end and stop as soon as you hide behind a tree. You are exhausted suddenly from the sudden fear you felt and the relief that you're finally safe and stop to rest. The guy finally turns to you and says "I'm Jason,"
  10. "Are you ok to keep going?" Jason asks with some concern.
  11. Jason nods at your answer and leads you back through the woods. Never has he looked you in the eye, which
  12. In your opinion, what should Jason be like?
  13. You two are walking in silence when Jason starts to say something, perhaps the explanation you're dying to hear? But before he can get the words out, you feel a strange sensation that...

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Quiz topic: It's All my Fault!: Where am I Now?