Does he really want you?

Find out if he really wants you. All you have to do is take this one simple quiz! I hope hes into you but if he aint its definitley your fault he isn't. So don't be dumb. Make him like you, strut your stuff duh. It helps if you look good doing it just don't go crazy.

Think you can get any guy to be yours? I bet you can't. Think the guy you want is into you? Think again, but take this quiz and find out for sure. This quiz is accurate, so don't get mad if he aint. Well you might be proved wrong or right, hurry and try it.

Created by: Brooke

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he notice you in a big crowd?
  2. Does he talk to you alot?
  3. Does he have your number?
  4. Does he tell you you're pretty?
  5. Does he walk you to class?
  6. Does he sit with you at lunch?
  7. Has he picked up for you when a guy insults you?
  8. Does he get jealous when you talk to other guys?
  9. Has he leaned in for a kiss?
  10. Does he like being around you?

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