Is he into you ( accurate) ?

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Sometimes we see someone cute and our heart begins to race every time they're around! However, we can't figure out if that cute guy in our chemistry class or art class likes us back!

If YOU r in a predicament similar to this, take this quiz to help shine a light on his feelings for you. I wish you the best!!! Please be honest so i can help you figure your crush out!

Created by: Ellew
  1. Is he around you often?
  2. How often does he stare at you?
  3. is he in a committed relationship with someone?
  4. Does he ever initiate body contact ( such as brushing against you or touching your arm or leg while speaking to you ) ?
  5. Does he look at you to see your reaction after he says something funny or someone says something funny?
  6. If he sees you in the halls, how does he act?
  7. Does he tease you?
  8. Will he says random stuff to make you smile or laugh or start up a conversation?
  9. How often do you two speak to one another?
  10. How much do the both of you have in common?
  11. Does he go out of his way to hang out with you?
  12. Does he smile/blush around you ?
  13. Do you think he likes you ( this doesn't count for credit but more than often your gut is correct ) ?
  14. Where does he look when you speak to him?
  15. Can you rate mine please?

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