Are you smarter than a kinder gardner?

My quiz is about kinder gardeners. Have your younger siblings take it, see what they get! P.S. the umm, first and second questions do not count. ( the age and the gender question. )

Well anyways, this quiz is 100% accurate and is probably more accurate than all of my other quizzes, no really it is! Even though 5 questions count, it is AMAZINGLY accurate!

Created by: denim1
  1. There is a pig, how do you put him in the refrigerator? ( a live one )
  2. How do you put a cow in the refrigerator?
  3. There was a swamp invested with snapping turtles, but you need to get across! But how do you?
  4. Is it easy to count to 100?
  5. Last basic question. All animals are attending the farm animal meeting but one, which animal does not attend?
  6. Okay, there is a very short amount of questions but only the first 5 ( besides 1 & 2 ) count!
  7. now I will be saying random things to dill in these questions!
  8. Alright, 3 more questions tell you go bye bye!
  9. Okay, so like get ready to leave and find out ONCE AND FOR ALL if you are smarter than a you know what!
  10. Okay, I get it the silent treatment! Well I don't really care because I am done talking to you to!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter than a kinder gardner?