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  • Are you smarter than a kinder gardner?
    Your Result: Yes! 85%

    Ahh, of course! It's the life being smarter than a kinder gardener! But seriously this quiz is not fake, I promise! I just wanted you to know that... Plus you don't over think's almost as were very smart!

    No. 0%
    You are as smart...
    Nice quiz. Make some more!

  • Well, guys. I found some of this on a brain site. And I made up the rest. Kindergardeners don't over think things, oh yah and aidan most 8 year olds ain't alowed to say that word. I wonder if your parrents know. O.O? Who agrees?

  • Stop being a killjoy! I'm young (not saying how old but I'm smart enough to say antidisestablishmen tarianism) oh what the heck I'm 4 yrs older than aiden

  • omg how am I smarter than some kindergartner I'm freaking 12 how in the what in the world

  • of course im smarter than a kindergartner, im frickin 8


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