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  • :)
    "came on this acc to say that it’s Cursed n i hate everything abt it ."
  • hey
    "shut the FUKC up"
  • hey
    "so sg how have you been lately? ^^ never heard of it rip"
  • hey
    "omg hello!!! its been so long jshsj"
  • hey
    "OH yeah i do no and listened to What"
  • hey
    "no no tbh i only remember sg and rockstar,,,"
  • hey
    "i literally recognize nobody why did we return"
  • hey
    "hi uwu"
  • "why did u even make a thread here u shouldve put it in the lounge bc tf are we supposed to soap abt"
  • BTR wanna do a soap?
    "Harry "Who cares? That doesn't even sound like Nialler, anyway. Lets keep going; I think he's probably at my place or his mum'"
  • BTR wanna do a soap?
    "Harry I pulled slightly on his arm so he can walk faster. I huffed, "C'mon, stop being so lazy! What if NiNi is in trouble rig"
  • BTR wanna do a soap?
    "Harry I sighed in relief. "Thank you so much. I honestly don't know what's wrong with him; he always ends up getting lost when"
  • BTR wanna do a soap?
    "*Harry f--- u"

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