How to speak British! 2

Okay! This is number 2.... And I decided not to give the rest of the words examples because firstly, I am lazy, secondly, you guys are not that dumb right?

Thirdly, um, just skip this and take this quiz already of you wanna learn British so badly! fourthly, go away! Lastly, bye bye! Love you! SIKE! I don't know you! I think! See yaa!

Created by: BTRfreak
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  1. Get on: Have chemistry with, as in, "Me and my friends get on."
  2. Jack-the-lad: Carefree or brash young lad, as in, "Justin Bieber was jack-the-lad on the Taylor Swift Punk'd episode!" (it was the example so bleh. Sorry if you don't get it...)
  3. Jam: Jelly fruit spread, as in, "My mom loves strawberry jam." (in England, jelly is gelatin dessert, which we usually call Jell-O)
  4. Jolly: Day trip, as in, "Let's go to the country for a jolly."
  5. Jumper: Sweater.
  6. Kip: A nap.
  7. Lad: A boy or young man.
  8. Mad: Nutty.
  9. Mates: Friends or buddies.
  10. Mum: Mother.
  11. Pants: Underpants.
  12. Posh: Fancy, chic, upscale.
  13. Row: Argument.
  14. Rubbish: Not good, not true.
  15. Sithee: Good-bye.
  16. Straight away: Right now.
  17. Takeaway: Takeout food.
  18. Trousers: Pants.
  19. Wicked: Very cool.
  20. Washing: Laundry.

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