How to speak British!

Firstly, I got all this info in a magazine about one direction. Secondly, this is just half of it, and not all, so I'll make part two if you guys really wanna learn British.

Thirdly, I just made this quiz because I'm trying up level up. Fourthly, I actually wanna learn British myself so that's why I made this so I can take it in the future. Lastly, good bye. :)

Created by: BTRfreak
  1. Banko: Bank holiday, as in, "New Years Day is a banko."
  2. Bird: Girlfriend/Boyfriend, as in, "She/He's my bird."
  3. Biscuit or Bikkie: Cookie, as in, "I love chocolate-chip bikkies.."
  4. Blimey: An expression of annoyance or surprise, as in, "Blimey, my car's got a ticket on it!"
  5. Bloke: A guy, as in, "That bloke is a friend of his."
  6. Bloody: Very, as in, "This TV show is bloody awesome!"
  7. Bloomin': Very, as in, "It's bloomin' crowded in here!"
  8. Bugger off: Go away, as in, "Stop annoying me, bugger off!"
  9. Brilliant or brill: Excellant, as in, "This new single has brilliant [or brill] lyrics."
  10. Bum: Backside, as in, "I fell on my bum a second ago!" (even though I didn't! ._.)
  11. Chat up: Flirt, as in, "I like that boy/girl over there. I'm going to chat them up."
  12. Cheeky: Blazen, as in, "Those boys are really cheeky!"
  13. Chips: French fries, as in, "I'm going for some fish and chips."
  14. Crisps: Potato chips, as in, "I just ate a whole pack of crisps!"
  15. Daft: Crazy, as in, "You think dogs are ugly-are you daft?"
  16. Dodgy: Odd, suspect, as in, "I'm not sure of his motives-he seems dodgy."
  17. Fancy: To be attracted to someone, as in, "I fancy my classmate."
  18. Fit: Physically attractive, as in, "That guy/girl is fit!"
  19. Flat: Appartment, as in, "Both of my friends share a flat."
  20. Footy: Football (British soccer), as in, "I can't decide on which footy team I go for."
  21. Okay, i have to write like 39 questions on here for you to learn all the terms but I'm to lazy so I'll make part two... Maybe. Okay? Okay.

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