Amazing One Direction Love Story Part 3

This one took a little longer to get up. Kept having a bunch a problems. It is longer but shorter than the others. I hope you enjoy it as much as i liked making it.

Okay so if you don't know by now. One Direction is this amazing british boy band. Made up by five very attractive guys who sing pretty good. I hope you enjoy this.

Created by: KaylaMarie
  1. ..... Zayn is leaning in closer for what seems like a kiss when you both are interupted by large crash from the kitchen down stairs. You both worriedly run down to see what has happened. Running first into the kitchen to get hit with pepperoni. A full fledged food fight had broken out. You are pulled to safety behind a table by Niall, who practically pulls you fully into his lap. You go to scoot off his lap but holds you there gazing into your eyes. He starts to speak "I know we just met, but I..." he cuts himself off by kissing you. Its a sweet and gentle kiss, his fingers brush you cheek. This kiss ends and you too are left breathless.
  2. A loud bang brings you both back to reality. Niall smiles "I've got the perfect weapon to take out Harry," he says holding a can of olives up. You both look over the table and stop Harry few feet in fron tof you with his back towars you. Slowly creeping across the room you make it to him. Niall dumps the olives on him. "I HATE OLIVES!" screams Harry jumping. A truce then falls on the food fight.
  3. You have showered up and walking down the hall past one of the other bathrooms when you hear someone singing. Leaning up closer to the door to hear you realize it is Niall. As you are standing there some one comes up behind you an dputs his hands on your hips. "I can sing better to you than that" a voice whispers in you ear. You turn around to face a smiling Harry. You try to back away knowing what he is trying to do and that he has done this with a lot of girls and you don't want to be one of the many. But he just pulls you in tighter. " Harry let me....." He cuts ypu off with a kiss and before you give in you break it. "Aww come one I know you want to. You are no tlike other girls I really like you. You are different. I want to be with you. Your composure breaks for a moment but thats all he needs to sweep you off your feet. Next thing you know you are in his room in his bed and he is starting to kiss you again. You give in because you camt fight what you really want anymore.
  4. "What the hell!!" yells a angry Zayn from the door way. Before you can say anything he runs down the hall. "Whats wrong with him" you say aloud to no one. You get up to go after him but Harry grabbs your wrist. "Im sorry I have to go. I should have done this, I cant do this." you say as you leave.
  5. You run to Zayn's room but when he sees you he slams his door. "Zayn! Whats wrong? Open up!" you yell. You try the doorknob it is unlocked. As you open the door you see Zayn sitting a windiw seat with his back towards you. "Zayn" you say sitting down next to him. He turn to you his lashes and eyes wet. "Whats wrong?" you say again. "Nothing... i well thought you were different than all the other girls. I didn't think you would fall for his stupid flirty crap like the others". "I am i don tknow what happened back there. But i don't want it to happen again. I don't want to be one of his girls"
  6. Zayn hugs you goodnight. You go to your room and fall asleep instantly. But you have some very confusing dreams about Harry. You wake up to the smell of breakfast and bacon coming from downstairs. Running downstairs you run into Louis up to his prankerster ways. He put plastic wrap up on the door frame. You duck under and go into the kitchen. "Niall breakfast!!" Yells louis laughing.
  7. Niall comes running downstaris and does not see the plastic wrap. He hits it had and falls to thr floor. Forgetting the plastic yourself in the sight of Niall being hurt you run. But you hit it a lot harder and fall back to the floor where everything is starting to go black. Before everything does you see Liam's worried face.
  8. Blackness has taken over.
  9. Cliff....
  10. Hanger!!!!

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