(the best) one direction love story part 7:)

Heyyy guyssss part 7 is now out and ready to be taken! And like wow i never realized how many one direction quizes there aree hahaha like danggg theres a million!

But of course mines the best right??;) haha jkay.. oh and somebody i forget who but some one gave me this great idea to have taylor prank harry and yeah i think im gonna do that in part 8 i just ran outta room..

Created by: bravogrl

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  1. Recap!! You pass out kinda from harry saying i love you and then see yourself on a magazine that says HARRYS NEW GIRLFRIEND?! and you get mad and you guys get in a fight and harry says hes done with you.
  2. he didnt answer. "well i dont need you either" you yell then go in your room your heart felt completelty broken you cry for a little and just let it all out.
  3. "Taylor?" you hear somebody knock on your door. "Come in" you say then quickly dry your eyes. "Ur alive!" "Haha yea.." you say managing a smile. "Harry seems really ticked off....do you know why?" he said innocently. "No.. just him being an idiot" "Haha ok so i was wondering if you wanted to go get some food with me.. your probaly really hungry" "Yea i would love 2 but didnt you just eat?" u say curiously. "Im always hungry" he said smiling.
  4. You walk down to the street and end up eating at a mcdonalds. You got a big mac and coke meal and he got the same. You guys sit down and he suddenly gets serious "Do you love harry?". "no not really.. not anymore" "Why not?" "Because hes kinda a jerk" you say."Well i really like you taylor..." Niall said looking straight in your eyes. "I like you to" then you guys eat your big macs and head back for the hotel.
  5. "Niall!! We have been looking everywhere for you! Come on time for the concert!" your dad yells as soon as you guys walk in. And they all hurry out "Taylor im guessing you want to stay here?" "Yea sure" "Well be back!" and then he leaves.
  6. You hear a thud come from harry and louis's shared room so you go to see what it is. "I guess it was nothing.." you say out loud and then see a picture of you laying on harrys bed. You walk over to see what it looks like. Its from when you guys went to nandos but it was just you and harry.. you guys looked so happy and carefree. Tears start to form again why cant it just be that simple anymore...
  7. But then you think of all the stuff harry has done to you... you pick up the picture and tear it right down the middle then take the side with you on it and throw it in the garbage. "You said your done with me" you say aloud.
  8. You decide to go for a walk in the city to clear your mind so you grab a jacket since its cool out and head to the door as you walk by the arena where one directions playing you hear the millions of fan girls screamig as loud as they could... you roll your eyes. You decide to get some starbucks so you go in and order a hot chocalte with extra whip cream.
  9. As your drinking your hot chocalate at a window table a really cute guy walks over!!! "This spot taken?" His voice was really soft and his amazing blue eyes looked straight into yours. "No" You say kinda firty. "Im Cole" he said running his hand through his dark brown shortish hair and then sits down across from you. "Im Taylor"
  10. "So taylor are you from around here?" "no i live in england but i used to live in the U.S." "oh wow thats really cool so why are you here?" "My dad.. had to come here because of his job so he brought me along" "Oh nice so how much longer are you gonna be here?" "Just for another day" "Oh well do you think we could hangout tommarow?" he said a little bit sad. "I would love to" you say managing the cutest smile you could. "Great! Well my friends waiting for me so heres my # ill see you tommarow hopefully" he said. And all you could think was.... make harry jealous.

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