Love and Suprises!? part 11

Hello and welcome to part 11 of my one direction Love Story.. Love and Suprises!? I hope you like this part. I hope to have the next part out soon. Dont forget to comment,rate,and share.

In other news... This quiz is my 55th quiz. I decided to celebrate by idk just telling you allI guess. God my stomach hurts, anyway have a great day!

Created by: ILuvHolister

  1. Recap: Plz read parts one through ten for a recap.
  2. "You look amazing." Said Niall. "Thanks not so bad yourself." You replied with a wink. "Aww." Said Louis who still hadnt realized he had new 'facial hair' . "Bye guys. Me and Katy are off on our date!" Said Niall. You both closed the front door and sat on the porch. "Where are we going, Niall?" You asked. "Well now...lunch and later the major suprise of... The century!" He said with much ebthusiasim. You laughed it was a totally natural laugh, not like one of those.... Oh im gonna laugh at stuff thats not funny laughs but a real genuine laugh.
  3. Niall said to take his car. Which you were totally chill with. You remembered his fascination with cars and singing with the radio from the first day you met him. It brought a smile to your face. "What is it Katy?" Asked Niall. "Just thinking about when we first met." You said. Niall blushed. "It was intresting." You both said at the same time. Then you both started laughing at the coincidence. "Your amazing. You do realize that right?" Said Niall. "Yeah. Your pretty amazing too." You said. Niall smiled and turned on the radio. It was "i wish" by one direction! "Hey its our song, Katy." Said Niall. "Oh yeah, you guys sound amazing." You said. "I meant our song. As in you and me Katy." said Niall You blushed... "Oh. We have a song?" You said. "We do now." Said Niall. You both sang together. Just like the first time you met. "I see you with him, slow dancing, im breaking....." You both sang in harmony. You stopped singing. "Oh how i wish that was me." Sang Niall as he parked the car at a restaraunt. He looked you in the eye as he sang that. And you felt so deeply affected by that. You smiled. "You dont have to wish anymore. Im yours." You said to Niall hugging him. "I love you Katy." Said Niall hugging back. After about five minutes of hugging you both let go and exited the car.
  4. The restaraunt was called.. Le belle de ville which you knew since you took french meant the beauty of the town. You both walked hand in hand to the entrance. "Paparazzi?" You asked. "It doesnt matter. I dont want to hide you anymore. I really like you Katy and im okay with them finding out if your okay with it too." Said Niall. "Im okay with it." you said. Niall held the door open for you like a gentleman. You walked inside and the name of the place was quite fitting to the appearance of the interior. "May i help you?" Said a waitress. "Yes, reservation for Mr.Horan and Miss West." Said Niall. The waitress looked up... "Your THE nIall horan!?" She said. "Yeah, in the flesh." Said Niall.She calmed down trying to conceal her excitement.... "My name Danielle and ill be your server for today. Right this way please." She said motioning for you and Niall to follow her. You were shown into a booth. You and Niall sat down with a smile. You looked around and saw.... Liam in a booth not to far from you and Niall's. He was with a girl apparently his age. She had waist long blonde hair. Blue eyes and seemed really nice. You decided to just enjoy your date with Niall. You couldnt date all of one direction!
  5. You had a pleasant meal. Niall was great company and you both never had a single moment of boredom. You looked over once or twice at Liam and his friend,but thought nothing more but that you were happy for them.
  6. The waitress... Danielle was obviously impressed with Niall and made no effort to hide it. You felt a tad bit jealous. "Its okay Katy. No need to be jealous." He said grabbing your hand when you had both finished eating. He got up and went and paid the bill. You saw Liam and his friend walk over to you. "Hi Katy, fancy seeing you here too. You all alone?" Said Liam. "No. Im here with Niall." You said with a smile. "Hi im Tori. Nice to meet you Katy. Liam's told me soo much about you." She said in a very quiet voice. You wondered if she really talked that way or if she didnt. Liam blushed. "This is my ex girlfriend Katy." He said. It all came back to you. You remembered him telling you that they d broken up. "Liam. What are you doing here?" Niall said. "Im here with Tori." Liam replied. "We are on a date." Tori decided to add. "Funny coincidence so are we. Now it was great seeing you both again but we have an intresting plan for today." Said Niall winking at you. "Yeah us too." Said Liam. "Alright. Nice meeting you Tori. Bye." You said.
  7. You smiled. "She seems nice." You finally said. "She s okay. We ve all known her for a while. She lived in Britain and Irealand for a while. She moved a lot as a child." Said Niall. "Oh." You managed to say. "Where to now?" You asked Niall. Niall opened his mouth to speak. He was interrupted by flashing camera's and reporters.
  8. "Who s the girl?" They asked. "Katy West. We are on a date. Please leave us alone." He said. They took a few pictures and respectfully left. You held Nialls hand and gave it a squeeze. "It okay Katy." Said Niall.
  9. You managed a small smile. You and Niall drove to a place you hadnt been to before. Niall stopped the car... "Part two of our date." He said. You looked outside and saw an amusement park. Sound normal right? Wrong. Each ride was based on you and Niall. And the name of the amusement park was... Katy and Niall forever. You looked at Niall. And gave him a big kiss on the lips. "OMG!" You said to him. "Im glad you like it soo much." He said. "Like it? I love it!" You said to him.
  10. You went around the amusement park. There were a couple of people,but they didnt bother you and Niall very much.guess its true what they say about love, it makes you do crazy things. You and Niall had a splendid time. You went on a rollercoaster called The future. A karaoke hut which reminded you of singing with Niall and various other themed rides. At the end of the day you went and had some pizza from the concession stand with Niall. It was really good. "This is really tasty." You said. "Yeah." Niall replied with his mouthfull. You giggled a little, he had some sauce on his cheek. You dabbed it off with a napkin. "Sauce." You said To Niall with a smile. "Oh thanks." He replied. After you dinner. You and Niall took a walk by yourselves. The night sky was soo pretty. And the stars looked like jewels in the sky.
  11. You smiled as you walked alongside Niall. Who suddenly stopped and layed down in the grass. He patted the grass next to him and said... "Im not going to bite." You smiled. Niall and you looked up at the stars with delight. Niall put his arm around you and you scooted closer to him. You could pretty much hear the sound of his heart beating. "I Love You Katy." Said Niall. "I love you too." You said and closed your eyes.
  12. After about an hour you and Niall decided to go home. Niall drove you both home. On the ride home niether of you spoke much, you were both really tired out. When you got out of the car and went inside you saw all the guys downstairs looking at you.
  13. "Are you okay?" Said Harry walking over to you. "Yeah, why wouldnt I be?" You said. "Liam was at the same restaraunt as you and Niall. Tori poisoned him." Said Harry. That was when you noticed Liam was in fact not there. "He s at the hospital and going to get better right?" You said. "They say that he likely will not recover. But at least there is a cure. They just arent sure if it will get there in time." Said Zayn. "Why didnt you call us?" You asked. "Didnt want to ruin the date." Said Harry with a hint of anger. "But Tori seemed like a nice person." You said. "Well she was apparently a jealous person too. When we talked to her at the jail she said that she did it because of you." Harry said. "Me?" You asked. "Yeah, because apparently Liam broke up with her becuase he..." Said Harry. "He...." You asked. "Likes you."Yelled Louis from the sofa. Your jaw dropped...him too? What was up with one direction? You d only known them for a week and a half!
  14. "Thats not all." Said Harry. "Sit down on the sofa." Sadi Zayn. You shrugged and did. Harry turned on the tv. You were on it. The headline... The new Ms.One Direction. "Katy West. Seen here has been spotted with several of the one direction boys." Said the reporter then she rolled a video clip of you talking to Liam, being in the hospital with Harry, and on your date at the restaraunt with Niall. Your jaw dropped again. The screen showed you kissing Louis, then Zayn then Harry and then Niall. "Looks like shes got one direction in a frenzy. Lets read what the fans think of her." Said the reporter. Then she read all the twitter comments... Most of them called you a sl**. Harry turned off the tv.

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