A scary British love story pt1

Ya I know it is short blame the time being really late and me being tired cause of a long hot day! Ok ^so hot british guys r the best right? I ^am completely in love with Liam Payne from 1D ya he is soooooooooooooooo hot!

Liam Payne is the hottest most amazing person ever! British guys rule! They have the cutest accents! Omg hot guys r awesome, but add british and everything is all good XD

Created by: doterofApollo

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  1. Okay, so this story I think will b very fun because I love writing and I am srry if I misspell a word, my iPod hates me sooooooo.
  2. Okay, so your grandma ha never talked to you, no she isn't dead. She sent you an email saying you should come to her house to visit and she lives in a smal town in the UK.
  3. ^so on your way there, you see a woman walking toasted u at the airport. She comes up to u and says that she used to be best friends with your mum. She offers to drive you to ur gmas house do u accept?
  4. Well u end up riding with her, on the way to the house, some guy in a truck nearly hits you. U call out "jerk!" then, you see the house. It is the house that you have been seeing in your dreams since you could remember, when u walked in, u noticed it was still the same as ur dreams it was huge, old, and oddly cozy. Then u heard a voice from behind one of the closed doors saying ur name. U opened the door and there was your Gma
  5. Then u hear a truck coming up the huge drive to the house. U c the same truck that almost hit u come up. "He is your cousin... Sort of" ( you were adopted)
  6. U go up to the room that the maid showed you. ( the maid only works two days a week no need to know her) u lay on your bed just thinking then u hear him yelling saying that u should leave and that she should have never invited me. I went down slowly to not let them hear. When I was in eat shot, I made sure that I made enough noise to let them know I was coming down. When I got in the library where they were, I sat down across from my Gma
  7. Ok I want to know ur Dave of these two k? Then the rest wbt count! XD what is better one direction or George strait?
  8. Yerp
  9. Adios
  10. Rate and comment tell me if I should continue it oh and some really good things r planned for the next part hope ya know that! Stuff including guy in library (he is smart and British best thing ever)

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