One Direction Love Story Pt. 3

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It's time for their Concert! Hey, what if One Direction pulled you out of the audience, put you on stage and sang to you? Did it ever happened to you? If not, it will now!

They're the hottest boy band of 2012! They're British. They're young. There's Five of them! Five times the fun! Now, how would you react if I told you that one day you fell into One Direction's hotel room and suddenly from that point, a new life with them has been made?

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  1. Here is Pt. 3 for all you, Directioners! It is the concert and what's a concert without a little music? Play this song for Questions 6-9 ! I think you know the song! Here it is! /watch?v=QJO3ROT-A4E&ob=av2e
  2. When I got home, you can bet I got a lecture but it was nothing serious; I mean, they still let me go to the concert and I just had the most amazing day of my life! I was lying in bed still wearing Zayn’s varsity jacket, holding Harry’s hat and Liam’s glasses in my hand while I was on the phone with Cam. “Thanks for ditching me.” She said and giving a new inappropriate name for me, I was too dazed to even listen to her “My mom fricken’ flipped when she had to pick me up at the Station. Where the hell were you anyways!?” She yelled which got my attention; I snapped out of it and rolled over on my stomach staring at my One Direction poster hanging above my bed. You smiled as you hooked your pinkie near your mouth. “What if I told you that when we separated, I ended up in One Direction’s Hotel room and we might see them backstage tomorrow?” There was a pause and I sat up on my knees “Cam?” “Unless you have legitimate evidence that you did, you need to get into bed with me right now.” I laughed and was disgusted. “Wait till you see what I’m wearing tomorrow.”
  3. That night I couldn’t sleep, I kept tossing and turning holding a pillow close to my chest because I was so excited for the concert! When I woke up, I smiled and headed straight for the washroom; it took me a few minutes to shower but it probably took me eons to get ready. I curled my hair, fixed my make-up making it look natural and I had to find an outfit that would go well with Zayn’s grey varsity jacket. I ended up going with a simple white V-Neck T-shirt, blue jeggings from Garage and red low cut converse. It was simple yet effective. After applying the last coat of mascara, I smiled and remembered the way Liam held me and all the boys helping me out. It was two hours before the concert but it took Cam, literally, 2 seconds to rush through my door. "So!?" She had the strongest expression of anxiety smeared on her face. I stood up and modeled the jacket. "You bought one like Zayn's?" I slapped my forehead and told her to smell the jacket. She was hesitant but after she got a whiff of you and stood back "I really can't make it out since your perfume is way too strong!" "What!?"
  4. Cam didn't even think the hat and sunglasses were real. I had one grumpy ride to the arena. On the way to the arena, we saw a lot of girls with curled hair, caked faces, T-shirts with One Direction's album cover on it. "WATCH IT!" Cam yelled as a bunch of girls shoved her as they were running to get inside. I felt insecure because some of the girls were much prettier than me but, I mean, I had the upper hand advantage. I had Zayn's Jacket, Harry's Hat and Liam's sunglasses but I got another look at the girls, some were dressed like Louis; red pants and blue and white striped shirt, some were dressed like Harry, navy blue blazer and beige coloured pants and some were even dressed like Zayn with a replicated varsity jacket and everything. I caught myself thinking "There's no way they're going to find Me." not even if I told them where my seats were.
  5. Inside the arena, girls were chanting "One Direction! One Direction!" I wasn't in the mood with the thought from before still embedded in my mind. It was terrible, through the opening act I was doing a petty cheer, even when the boys came out it just pained me more. "What made me different?" I thought, Cam was pretty upset with my attitude but for her sake, I picked myself up and did the loudest, fakest and upbeat cheer I could do. Zayn was in a red maroon sweater with the sleeves rolled up 3/4 of his arms, Niall had a red polo shirt on, Louis and Harry dressed exactly how the girls dressed and Liam had a plaid shirt on. They were half way singing "What Makes You Beautiful" when Liam announced they would call a girl down for Harry's solo. All the girls went crazy, Cam pinched my arm and I was sure it was going to fall off or bleed. "Will the girl in Section 305, Row 18, Seat 6, please come down to the stage?" Zayn announced. My heart dropped. That was my seat. My exact seat.
  6. Cam shook me, I was in disbelief till one of the stage directors pulled me out; I was tingling, I brought my hand to my mouth, I was about to cry but I didn't want to. I could hear girls cheering for me, some screaming "That should be me!" The boys were singing the intro to Harry's solo; I was right at the stairs when Harry held out his hand for me; when I grabbed it, a sudden rush swept through my body. He pulled me up on stage and smiled "Baby, you light up my world like nobody else." He had his arm around me and smiled as our foreheads touched, "The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed." He pushed a strand of my hair away from my face "But when you smile at the ground, it ain't hard to tell." He placed his hand on my neck and smiled
  7. “You don’t know, oh oh!” The boys sang in the background and Harry gave off a smile and mouthed out the words “It’s good to see you again” “You don’t know you’re beautiful!” They all sang in unisons and jumped around the stage, I could feel another’s arm going around my waist and I look back it was Zayn, he gave me a one armed hug and I felt like I could practically faint. “The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed” Louis came singing as he stood beside Zayn and did a small hair flip, which made me laugh. He gave me such a playful hug. Niall did the same but his at first was a bit awkward but it was too cute and then it was Liam, he hugged so tight; I thought I would break but once he let go, I couldn’t help but smile. After, all the boys huddled around me “You don’t know oh, oh! You don’t know you’re beautiful!” They repeated until Harry walked up and grabbed my hand “That’s what makes you beautiful!” The crowd was cheering once they were done their song. “Let’s give a big round of applause for our girl, ________!” Louis screamed into his microphone and the crowd went insane, in a good way!
  8. Harry walked over to me and whispered something in my ear, it was too loud and I couldn’t make out a word he was saying. I made a face to show that I didn’t understand, so he moved closer and his breath tickled my ear and I knew I was going red. “Stay after the concert for a bit, you can bring your friend if you want.” He said as he pulled back with a smile, I nodded and I was brought back to my seat after being helped off stage by Zayn. When I went back to my seat, I was a completely different person; I could feel Cam holding on to me because I actually managed to touch them but this wasn’t the first time. The boys went through a few more songs from “I Want” “Everything About You” “Na Na Na” “One Thing” “Moments” and ending off with “More than This” It was beautiful. They weren’t moving around as much because they had mic stands and the way the boys looked into the cameras and the way they projected onto the screen, it felt like they were singing the song to me but there were over 1,000 girls in the arena. What are the chances?
  9. When the concert was done, my heart was beating fast. I told Cam that we should stay for a bit, she had no argue because it meant her getting a chance to be with the boys and the chances of that happening were high. We walked over to an isolated part of the arena where one of the stage directors from before called for me. “Oh My Gosh! ______!” Cam was screaming in my ear but I told her to be quiet or else there would be a mob. When we went backstage, I could hear Cam mumbling to herself to stay calm, cool and collected. “The boys are right here.” Once the stage director said that, her pep talk was invalid after giving the biggest shriek. In front of us was a door and taped to it was a sign that said “One Direction” I gave a knock and held my breath, the door knob moved and I had the biggest smile on my face. My life is no longer normal!
  10. Thanks for taking this quiz! Please comment & rate! I hoped you all enjoyed this!

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