One Direction Love Story Pt. 2

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Yes! Here is Pt. 2 of One Direction Love Story. So, now that you're in their room; what's going to happen now? Are they going to kick you out or keep you as their prisoner? I prefer the second option, you?

They're the hottest boy band of 2012! They're British. They're young. There's Five of them! Five times the fun! Now, how would you react if I told you that one day you fell into One Direction's hotel room and suddenly from that point, a new life with them has been made?

Created by: natuhleegayle

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  1. Hi guys, before I start this, there is a song. Sorry, you can choose not to use it but this is my writing style to make it more vivid and live the moment. Here: /watch?v=2VbODnX0dVs . Place that part when you type youtube in the URL and use it for question 10 till the end. Enjoy!
  2. There I was, face to face with One Direction. How? I stumbled into their hotel room when I was trying to look for them. “Well, uhm…there’s a logical explanation for all of this.” I gave a smile but they didn’t say anything rather because I bet no girl in London would sneak into their rooms the way I just did. “I sort of, well, I’m just a fan and I came here with my friend, seeing if we could meet you but we got into a bit of trouble.” Suddenly, a knock was on the door. I looked through the peep hole and froze as it was the Security Guard who was chasing me earlier. “Uhm…if a bald man about 6ft tall, angry is behind this door…I’m not here.” I said as I dashed into the closet that was close to the door. I didn’t get a good look at their facial reactions. The closet was small and dark with an ironing board, I heard the door open and it was Niall who greeted the Security Guard. “Sorry fellas, there’s a couple of girls running around the hotel; we found one of them.” My heart sank, they got Cam. “So, I’ll let one of my boys come up to let you know the coast is clear.” He said giving a little cough at the end “Yeah, no problem! We’re fine.” Niall said in his Irish accent. “Hope you catch the other girl, officer! You are doing a fantastic job!’ Liam said as I could hear his footsteps grow closer to the door. “Bye!” Harry said and I could hear the smile in his voice.
  3. I could hear the door close and I gave a sigh of relief. “You can come out now.” Zayn’s voice appeared, it sounded as he placed his lips right on the door. I slowly opened it and saw only them standing there. I gave a sigh of relief. “Thanks!” “You really know how to drive security insane, don’t you?” Louis said as he crossed his arms and smiled. I blushed to his words and nodded but this wasn’t the time, Cam was caught and it was my entire fault. Well, technically, it was her fault because this was HER plan. “I would love to stay and trust me, I really do but I really have to go save my friend.” I was amazed I could even form words in their presence. I placed my hand on the door knob until Liam raised his voice. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. There’s Security on every floor, so until someone comes up and says the coast is clear, you’re stuck here.” I blinked hard, normally this would be a dream but I’m an awkward teenage girl and I couldn’t let my sexual frustration for these boys get the better of me. “I’m what…” “I think you have to say it slow.” Louis said as he walked up and was face to face with me. “You. Are. Stuck. Here.” He said slowly, my heart was beating out of my chest.
  4. “Well, make yourself at home!” Louis said as he turned around and jumped into the bed. Zayn flashed a smile which made me go crazy but it didn’t show. “Are you hungry…uhm…?” Liam stared at me oddly as he made his way to the fridge, I returned with the same odd expression until I realized. “Oh! ________. My name is ________.” I blushed and smiled. “Pretty.” Niall said as he sat at the bottom of Louis’ feet and turned on the TV. “T…Thanks. And it’s fine. I’m just a bit thirsty.” I smiled as I awkwardly took a seat at a chair prompt up against the wall. Liam walked over and gave me a bottle of water. “Thanks.” You smiled and in return Liam flashed a kind gentle smile, I grabbed the water bottle and our hands brushed. I pulled back and Liam laugh “Go on, take it!” He laughed but I didn’t want the same thing to happen again. Liam grabbed my wrist and held it up high to place the water bottle in my hand. He laughed and went to go join everyone else. I was stunned. Liam Payne actually touched me. I opened the bottle and took a sip of water, it was refreshing. “Who took the last water?” Harry asked as he walked over to the mini fridge. He turned to me and I was caught with the water bottle touching my lips.
  5. I slowly took the water bottle away and placed it on the table that was beside me. I placed my hands on my knees and looked down, thinking how idiotic I was. I pulled the ends of my t-shirt over my hands, it was a shy habit I had. Harry walked over with a paper cup that he held with his mouth, he grabbed it and shyly asked “You don’t mind if I?” He asked slowly, I quickly picked up my head and nodded that it was fine. He poured himself a cup of water and smiled, I wanted to die the way he looked at me with his green eyes. I could see his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he drinking his water; once he was finished he smiled “Sorry, I can’t really have a lot of sugar. It strains the throat.” Behind him I saw not one, but everyone else drinking coke. Smooth move Harry.
  6. He walked back to his friends and I was awkwardly sitting here waiting for time to past or a security guard to tell everyone the coast was clear but that was never going to happen since I was in One Direction’s Hotel room! I saw Niall make eye contact with me and once I stared at him, he jumped and glued his eyes to the TV. Louis and Harry were laughing hysterically at the TV, Liam was giving small giggles but eventually laughing along with them and Zayn was taking a nap. “Do you want to come and join us?” Louis asked as his head faced towards me, I jumped and placed my head down. “Oh, come on!” Louis whined as a child “Don’t worry; we’re all just regular guys!” Niall said as he gestured his arms out and lied on the floor. “NO, WE’RE NOT!” Harry blurted out and Louis gave a random laugh, I stifled a laugh and Zayn woke up and threw a pillow at them. “You git.” Louis mumbled to Zayn as he went to go pinch his cheeks “No, seriously. Come join us.” I had no other option. I walked over Niall to sit on the other side of where he was sitting, it turns out they were watching How I Met Your Mother. “Neil Patrick Harris! I love him!” I blurted out and everyone stared at me. “I mean…oh, this show?”
  7. They smiled and laughed, I felt relaxed when they did that. It was the scene where Ted and Marshall were throwing pencil’s up at the ceiling and one of them fell and magically landed in Barney’s nose. We all died of laughter, I took out my Blackberry Curve 8520 (The crap one) and saw that it was 6:30pm. “Woah…” I’ve been here for at least two hours. I could think of a number of people who would like to kill me right about now and on top of that list was Cam. Niall looked over at me “What’s the matter?” He asked with his Irish accent, I tried my best not to swoon “Its 6:30, I didn’t expect to be here so long. I really need to go.” I said as I stood up and fixed my denim jeans. “You can’t leave still; Security hasn’t said the coast was clear.” Liam said, you bit your lip and looked out the window. “How bad do you have to leave?” Harry asked, I didn’t turn to them but I could see their reflection in the window. “Rapture Day bad.” I said, they all looked at each other. “Wayne, wake up!” Louis said as he slapped Zayn on the bum. Zayn shoot up still half asleep and sleeping on Liam’s shoulder. They all looked at me weirdly “Let’s go on an adventure!”
  8. Louis stuck his head out into the hallway and checked if both sides were clear. “This isn’t going to work.” I said in the room, Louis walked out and Harry and Niall followed him; I followed but with a new outfit, Harry’s Teddy Bear Hat, one of Zayn’s Varsity jackets and Liam’s sunglasses. “It will!” My hair was tucked into the Teddy Beat Hat making me blend in as one of the guys, except I was 5”1 and they were taller than 5”5 and I had boobs. “Now, where do you think, they’ll be? Loft or Stairs?” Louis said enthusiastically, it seemed as if he was finally living life which was odd because he got to travel the world and go on tour. “Let’s take the stairs. The loft will take all day.” Liam said as he placed his hands on both my shoulders and started to make me move. The boys surrounded me and they smelled amazing. We got to the stairs and then from the other end of the hallway, we saw a Security guard. “Hey! You guys!” He yelled. “RUN!” Harry yelled out.
  9. We made our way down the stairs, we ran down to the 22nd floor because we heard the Security Guard enter the staircase. We ran to the other staircase on the opposite side of the Hotel and were seen by 3 extra security guards, once we were in the staircase we ran down all the way to the 10th floor. Louis was straggling behind “C’mon!” I yelled as I could hear Security running down, Louis was out of breath, I grabbed his arm and gave him a pull, Zayn took over as he grabbed both of Louis’ legs and gave him a piggy back ride. We were running around the 10th floor like maniacs. I turned around and saw at least 5 security guards on our tail, Niall looked back as he was running and laughed, Liam has a face of sheer horror wondering what would happen if they got caught. Zayn was enjoying himself as well and it didn’t bother him that he was carrying Louis on his back. We ran to a dead end “Dead end! What now!?” Niall yelled and turned around, the security guards had a smile on their faces but then I noticed the laundry chute.
  10. “Anyone for a slide?” I gestured as I held open the laundry chute, Louis was the first to go, followed by Zayn then Niall, then Harry and then Liam; he grabbed onto my wrist and down the laundry chute we went. I could hear the Security Guards yell echoed but it was drowned by the screams and laughs by all of us as we were sliding down. We were on the 10th floor so, we would hit the laundry room right about…we flew out with Louis at the bottom of the dog pile and me at the top, we got up and were all sore. “Let’s do that again!” Louis said full of energy despite being at the bottom. “NO!” Everyone yelled Harry being the loudest as the thrill of that ride frightened him too much. “C’mon! There’s an exit here!” Niall pointed at the double doors with a red exit sign above them; we opened the door to see the parking lot. “Thanks, I think I’m fine by myself here.” You smiled as you took off their stuff but they smiled. “Keep it, you gave us a thrill!” Louis smiled, the boys wanted to argue but they couldn’t deny they had fun. “Are you sure…?” They all nodded and you walked down the metal stairs but then Niall’s voice stopped you. “Are you coming to our concert tomorrow?” Yeah, but I have nosebleed seats there’s no way you’re going to see me. “Yeah, but my seats are kind of high.” “What section?” “305.” They all seemed a bit upset “Just wear that tomorrow and we’ll look for you!” Harry winked and then we heard the voices of the security guard. “GO!” They all yell and I ran with a smile to the streets. Did my life just get 10x more better?
  11. Thanks for taking this quiz! Please comment & rate! I hoped you all enjoyed this! If you have any suggestion or tell me which member you want to spend more time with, just ask!

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