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  • Thanks guys!!!XD and Firey_Soul, I will try to stop the text talk k? And I can't do this on a computer cause the computer I have won't let me on this website soooo ya and ik guys with accents are the hottest! XD crap I just used more IM D:

  • Not bad, but try typing this on a computer next time. The text talk kind of bugged me even though I could understand it.

  • are you are that girl who gave me that negative comment on the misspelling in my quiz that is called visinary cuase if you are you mispelled some words too not trying to be rude but nobodys perfect. and if you are a different girl with the same username go on and continue.nthats all i haft to say

  • You should continue! And yes, use a computer next time.

  • Nice, cannot wait to see the next part. Aren't guys with British accents hot!!!!!? :)


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