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  • It was really good, though I already knew all of them.

    I simply adore British accents. My dad has a co-worker who comes every few years from England. Her daughters are a couple of years younger than me, and I swear that every boy who hears them speak a single word melts! (Of course, it also helps that they're really pretty)

  • This is stupid. I'm British and I've never heard someone say banko. If you wanna learn how to speak British, go to a real British person.

  • I alredy knew most of these terms(mostly from Doctor Who) but I didn't know a couple of them, such as 'bird' or 'footy'.

  • I'm english and no one ever says "banko" or whatever it was, i've never heard anyone say that..i can tell u some more if u want though

  • First comment!! I loved it!! Make part two please!!


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