Do you know Justin Bieber? (Part 2)

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I made part 2 fast because I left the 'important' questions. So are you ready? DO YOU WANNA SEE YO RESULTS? Caps caps caps right there. OMG TAKE! TAKE!

Oh crap! Gotta type like 1,000,000 words on this stupid thing. You know I'm lying right? Its just 150. Wait am I suppose to be talking about Justin? Oh well bye! AH FORGOT IF YOU HATE HIM DON'T BOTHER TAKING THIS QUIZ!

Created by: BTRfreak

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  1. Where was Justin born?
  2. How old is he? (Right now)
  3. When's his birthday?
  4. What year was he born in?
  5. Does he have his ear's pierce?
  6. Can he moonwalk?
  7. Who discovered him?
  8. What year did he start posting YouTube videos?
  9. Which two sports does he like?
  10. Is his parents divorced?
  11. True or false: Justin wrote a song called Down To Earth about his parents divorced.
  12. How many days in the week does he just relax?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Justin Bieber? (Part 2)