How well do you know Justin Bieber's music?

Do you absolutely ADORE Justin Bieber? Think you're the ultimate Bieber fan? Do you think you know all about his music? Well, you should take my quiz! Warning: This quiz contains questions about a lot of the songs on Justin's albums and also of the music videos he's done, so I suggest that if you haven't watched all of his music videos, do not take this quiz,but if you're still think you're ready, bring it on! Show me that you're his number one fan!

Some girls think they're know it alls. They think they know all about Justin Bieber. They really don't know a thing about him. Are you one of those girls? I think you are. If you're not, prove me wrong. Take my quiz. If you pass it,you're a true Belieber and when you say that you know all about Justin, you really do know all about him,but I don't know that until you take my quiz so take it! And when you're done, you can comment and rub it in my face about your knowledge of him!

Created by: Janine Parker2

  1. Name the song with these lyrics: "We'll take you to the sky past the moon to the galaxy as long as you're with me baby."
  2. What is the name of JB's rapper alter ego?
  3. Which of the following people has he not collaborated with yet?
  4. Come on! I know you know this one! What's the name of Justin's new Christmas album?
  5. Name the song that has these lyrics: " There's a dream in my soul, I found this deep inside me,there's a me no one knows waiting to be set free."
  6. Justin was at a bowling alley with his buddies in the music video for which song?
  7. Which girl did he collaborate with in his original song "Overboard"?
  8. Which song did not come out in 2010?
  9. Has Justin Bieber ever kissed a girl in one of his music videos before?
  10. Justin talked about the sad split of his parents in what song?
  11. "I wish we had another time, I wish we had another place."
  12. What music video did Justin play the piano?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Justin Bieber's music?