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i have taken so many Justin Bieber quizzes it is insane! people think they really know who he is. but the truth is they have NO CLUE! some quizzes on here have crazy answers and the questions do not make any sense at all. luckly for all you Bieblers out there i am a true fan and know everything there is to know about him.

so you think you know the famous Justin Bieber? think you can pass my quiz? are you confident you will pass? do you have the all the answers to my questions? are YOU a true BIEBLER? in just a few minutes you will find out! go ahead, take my quz, the results may shock you.

Created by: TrueBiebler

  1. first things first....when is his birthday?
  2. what is his FULL name?
  3. what are his favorite colors?
  4. how many tattoos does he have?
  5. following the previous question, where are they located?
  6. ohkay following the past TWO questions what do the tattoos symbolize?
  7. what is he allergic to?
  8. what size does he wear in underwear? (lol)
  9. what size shoe does he wear? and what is his favorite brand?
  10. what is his favorite candy?
  11. what flavor does he not like?
  12. what was his first single?
  13. when does he take his shower?

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