Do you really know Justin Bieber?

There are Justin Bieber fans out there. And then there are people who say they hate him, did you know 98% of people who say they hate Justin don't actully have a good reason why. If you hate him and are one of the 98% of people than you dont actully hate him.

If you say you have a good reason to hate him than i would really like to hear it. Put it in the comments. Justin Bieber is awesome so all the haters need to stop being jelous and big bullies.

Created by: Degrassi girl

  1. When is Justin's Birthday?
  2. What day was he born on?
  3. What is JBiebz favorite color
  4. What is Justin's favorite candy
  5. Where did Justin take Selena to dinner for her birthday?
  6. What is Justin's mom's name?
  7. What 5 songs are on his playlist?
  8. Did Justin eat his perfume on a dare?
  9. What is Justin's perfume called?
  10. Whats JBiebz favorite color to wear
  11. Who is Justin's Oldest Friend
  12. What is Justin's favorite sports team, all sports
  13. How tall is he

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Quiz topic: Do I really know Justin Bieber?